TV can be educational

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I was watching Schoon en Meedogenloos while having dinner and picked up on a tip that seemed so weird to me. In order to get a dirty sink clean, they sprayed it with shaving cream, let that sit for about 5 minutes and then they rubbed the surface with a cloth/sock. Wash away all the shaving cream and give it a sparkling shine with an old piece of newspaper. Sure enough, that looks spectacular on TV, but does it work?

I just gave it a shot - even though my sink wasn't nearly as filthy as the one they had on TV, it had lost some of its sparkle - and much to my suprise... it works! Just one tip though : don't use newspaper on wet surfaces... you'll transfer the ink to the surface, and that ain' the idea I believe.

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Oddly enough, I kinda like that show. even though you all know how much I love to clean haha
But indeed sometimes those two ladies can give some really good advice

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