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Today is Joco's birthday so I gave him a call around 12:50 or so and after a few rings Eef picked up the phone. I said hi and asked if I woke them up and the answer was "erm, not exactly", after which she passed me Joco. I said hi and happy birthday matey, and then told him to go on doing well... Eef. Grin. I'm evil like that.

I've got an instinct for knowing when to to call them, or rather, when not to call them ;)

Just got a call from Ingrid, seems she got off at the wrong exit and is now parked somewhere in Ekeren. I gave her directions to the highway and what exit she has to take and she should arrive in about 30 minutes I think.

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and it's not the first time in all those years that we've been friends that you call while i'm having sex ;)

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