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This morning as I left for training - which is interesting but tomorrow I hope to learn something new for real - I set Olga to work, and when I got home around 13h00 she was stuck next to the toilet, as she had run out of power. I'm recharging her as we speak.

While typing out this post, I'm doing a check-up on the PC of a colleague and let me tell you this : I've seen some PC's infested with spyware, adware and viruses, but this one is one of the worst cases so far! A first scan with Ad-Aware using up to date reference files returned 530 entries. A second scan gave me another 35. Scanning again using a different account resulted in 118 entries.

Spybot S&D found 88 additional problems and a first virusscan (not up to date) reported 4 infected files - I had those removed. I'm currently running a new virusscan, this time updated up to today, and the screen tells me another Trojan horse has been spotted. No wonder André told me his machine was slow, unresponsive and generally behaving erratic!

I'm off to the store for food and some other things I need, while the scan continues, and when I get back I'll give him a call because one of the accounts is password protected and I want to scan it as well.

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