Just some jokes today (Part 2)

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LAWYER : "On the morning of July 25th, you went from your farm to the duck pond by foot?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : " So, you passed by the shelter at only a couple of feet distance?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Did you notice anything unusual?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Good. Can you tell the court what you saw?"
WITNESS : "I saw George"
LAWYER : "You saw George, the defendant in this trial?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Could you tell the court what George was doing?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Well, please tell us?"
WITNESS : "He had his thing in one of the ducks."
LAWYER : "His 'thing'?"
WITNESS : "You know, his... I mean his penis."
LAWYER : "You went by the duck shelter, there was ample light, you were sober, you've got good eyesight, and you clearly saw what you just described to us?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Did you say anything to George?"
WITNESS : "I did."
LAWYER : "What did you say to him?"
WITNESS : "Hi George."

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