Educational Hotness and patches


Todays training was fun and educational. I went to it yesterday without expectations as I had little to no idea what it would be about, or what we were expected to learn, but with an open mind. It proved to be the right way.

I learned some interesting techniques concerning communicating with people and now it's up to me : either I work on them and start using them which will make my life harder at first, yet easier in the long run, or I forget all about them and go for short term results. I think I'll do the first.

Unrelated, but also important : Microsoft released 8 (or 9?) patches for windows today. Hop over to Microsoft Update and patch your system before some trojan, virus or ad/spyware starts (ab)using these exploits to infect your system and you end up with tons of popups, and worse (spam anyone?).

On a side note : Katrien (the actress working with us during training today) is hot.


She may be Hot
But i still have the looks

Lol, and I got the brain!

BTW : the SG books have arrived, as well as something else that may interest you. I'll mail you.

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