If you were single and had to opportunity to (possibly) "advertise" "present" yourself in a national magazine (and thus "out" yourself as single and searching) would you do it? Would you consider it a good move, as good as for instance going to clubs and bars in the hope to run into that special someone, or does "how sad" pop into your mind instantly?

And what do you think about "dating sites"? Any ideas about those? Are those acceptable, dumb, sad, or fun? Have you used them (seriously, not just to make fun of others) and if so, were they worth your time?

Feedback is as always much appreciated. Not that it'll probably change my mind, but I always like to hear different opinions and be informed.

Note : Updated on the 9th, replaced "advertise" with "present" for that's a better choice of words.


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Yeah if I were single I would, it seems like it would increase your odds of finding someone compatible.

My mom met her finace on I have no opion on sites or advertising myself though. Seems a bit hokey to me.

I think dating sites are doing a great thing. But you have to bare in mind that nothing happens quickly. You need to be patient and let it last for some time.

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