Commercial, my ass!

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I just called WorldPack (again) to check the status on my shipment. It again took me close to 5 minutes to get someone on the phone and then I gave them my reference number.

WP: "When did you return the information we requested?"
ME : "Last week, by fax on wednesday".
WP : "Ah, then it'll be delivered somewhere this week, but I don't know when yet".
ME : "But you got the fax alright?"
WP : "Yes, no problem"

Pretty bizarre, don't you think? First they ask me when I provided all info, then they tell me everything arrived fine. If you know it's all there, you don't have to ask the customer when they supplied said information, correct?

Anyway, fingers crossed that they will indeed show up at my door this week. Probably the one day I won't be home in the morning :(

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can you tell me how to contact worldpack?

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