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This time my dad was having some problems with one of the older machines, so I popped over, had a yummy dinner and chats before I started working on the machine. We installed a new disk, partitioned it, formatted, installed windows XP, some patches and then reinstalled some of the software he often uses. Works like a charm now, and faster than under windows 2000 as well.

That may be due to the fact that while replacing the disk we noticed the cooler that was on the old disk wasn't working properly : instead of blowing hot air away from the disk, it was sucking in dust and spreading it all over the drive! It was covered in a thick layer of dust, so that certainly would add to the problem. It seems the coolers got their polarity switched (not our fault but rather a manufacturing defect), so we turned the cooler around to get the correct effect. The machine should run much better now.

The joys of working on computers, you know :) A colleague from work may bring his machine along on monday so I can take a look at it as well, as he was complaining about it being sluggish and behaving weirdly. More adventures into PC land!


Hi. I wondered if you already might have found a crack to rip an audio CD which is protected by CDS200. I still can't find it and I would very much like te make MP3's for my MP3-player which I take with me all over Europe. It sucks that I can't rip them and it seems that nearly every new CD is protected with CDS200.

Check on Cactus Data Shield (CDS200) ripping.

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