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Passing of the days

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Off for the last nightshift in about one hour. Tomorrow I'm "off" so after I've slept for a few hours, I'm over to dads place to take a look at his computer (again). Apparently it still doesn't run smoothly, although I didn't notice anything when I looked at it last time. Ah well...

On the 7th, Eva is coming over after her shopping trip to Antwerp. I promised her a while ago that I'd cook, so I'll go shopping for good things in the morning of the seventh.

Don't know what other plans I've got during the month, but if I got the chance to go to the book fair in Antwerp, I'll certainly do so. I'll try to squeeze in at least one sauna visit in november, to relax and then before I know it, it'll be December!

Food and Time

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I just ordered a ton of food since tonight's gonna be extra long. Due to the change in time (03h00 becomes 02h00), we'll be working an extra hour for the same pay. Sure enough, this allows us to take some extra time to complete all tasks, but it's a nightshift on a saturday... there simply ain't that much to do right now.

So, I figure, I might as well eat my food during that extra hour :)

Just some jokes today (Part 2)

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LAWYER : "On the morning of July 25th, you went from your farm to the duck pond by foot?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : " So, you passed by the shelter at only a couple of feet distance?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Did you notice anything unusual?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Good. Can you tell the court what you saw?"
WITNESS : "I saw George"
LAWYER : "You saw George, the defendant in this trial?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Could you tell the court what George was doing?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Well, please tell us?"
WITNESS : "He had his thing in one of the ducks."
LAWYER : "His 'thing'?"
WITNESS : "You know, his... I mean his penis."
LAWYER : "You went by the duck shelter, there was ample light, you were sober, you've got good eyesight, and you clearly saw what you just described to us?"
WITNESS : "Yes."
LAWYER : "Did you say anything to George?"
WITNESS : "I did."
LAWYER : "What did you say to him?"
WITNESS : "Hi George."

Just some jokes today (Part 1)

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Yesterday, I was over at my friends place and he's got a little bit of a problem walking. At one point he asks me "Hey, could you please go upstairs and fetch my slippers, my feet are getting cold."

Being the good person I am, I go upstairs and enter a room where I notice his two sexy daughters, aged 27 and 29. I immediately forget why I'm there and say to those two babes "Your dad has sent me upstairs to fuck you both silly."

"Yeah, right!" they answer me at the same time.

"What, you don't believe me? Allow me to prove it!" I reply and while standing in the doorway, I yell down to my friend "You want me to get them both?"

To which my friend answers "Of course!"

TV can be educational

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I was watching Schoon en Meedogenloos while having dinner and picked up on a tip that seemed so weird to me. In order to get a dirty sink clean, they sprayed it with shaving cream, let that sit for about 5 minutes and then they rubbed the surface with a cloth/sock. Wash away all the shaving cream and give it a sparkling shine with an old piece of newspaper. Sure enough, that looks spectacular on TV, but does it work?

I just gave it a shot - even though my sink wasn't nearly as filthy as the one they had on TV, it had lost some of its sparkle - and much to my suprise... it works! Just one tip though : don't use newspaper on wet surfaces... you'll transfer the ink to the surface, and that ain' the idea I believe.

Glimmering lights

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Meh, I should have stayed in bed longer, but I wasn't tired anymore. I start working 4 nightshifts tonight, so I may head back to bed for an hour or two before I leave. Gotta stop over at Jess & Mark's place to check up and feed the tigers - well actually the cats, but at least one of them often thinks he's a tiger.

I just acquired a new domain name in the .be zone, whom I'll be managing and maintaining for my friend Joco.

Off to the shops now to get some food, if they ain't on strike that is. Will call in to work to see what the status is there, so I can leave on time if needed. (It seems everything is quiet, not to say very quiet at work. Must be due to the fact that most people won't be working on monday either.)

Customs = Criminals

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The package that I just picked up had been held hostage by customs. Yes, hostage is the correct word here, what else do you call a fee of €8.68 on a networth of €45? Only a few weeks ago I accepted a shipment worth over USD400, and the fee there was €9.90, which is acceptable - everyone has to eat, don't they?

I really wonder what would happen if I made claims at the European Council that these taxes present an obstacle for the free flow of goods and services in the EU? Well, I have to admit that in this case, it wouldn't fly because the seller lives in Canada and last time I checked, the canadians weren't part of the EU. Maybe they should consider it though, it's not like they have much to gain from being allied with the US.

To make long stories short(er) : I've now got issue 45 and 46 of the deceased PFIQ magazine in my possession. Issue 47 was purchased earlier, and I may get my hands on other issues as well some day.

Oh, my complaint dating from October 5th concerning spam from B-----P------- NV has been accepted by the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy. Hopefully that'll teach B-----P------- NV from spamming people. Updates as I get them.

Being a busy bee today

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I'm getting things done today! I don't know how long this sudden burst of activity will last though :)

X-mas gifts for Marianne, Hilda, Nadia, and DImi are taken care of. As soon as dad, Jess and Mark offer some ideas as to what they like, those will be taken care of as well.

My schedule for the month November is published : if you want me to be somewhere, reserve my time early, as so far I know of at least three events I have to attend, but times and dates are not yet fixed..

A courier just dropped off a packet for me and I have to pick one up at the post office in a couple of minutes. While I'm there I can mail out a letter to my employer, so that'll be wrapped up soon too.

Not for the weak of heart

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Today was like my cock : long, hard and slightly twisted. Modesty was never my strongest point, does it show?

Ah well... I got my schedule for next month and while it's pure evil, I can live with it. It's not too bad when taking a quick glance and I'll be putting in quite some hours which means good pay. It'll be up soon - probably today.


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I'm all set to leave for work, but it's still a bit too early to do so. I went to bed pretty late considering the fact that I had to get up at 04h30'ish but I figured that since this was my last shift, it wouldn't hurt too bad. I think I may have been wrong : I've been tossing and turning all night long and probably have gotten less than 5 hours of sleep total, and I woke up a couple of times. We'll see how the day progresses...

I just changed uniform because today I'll be working outside, which will be a nice change of environment, yet a pain in the ass as well. There are more pleasant things to do but run around like crazy for 10 hours straight with your boss's eyes on your back all the time. Ah well, I won't stress too much about it and if traffic jams occur, that'll just show them the way thing are currently being done - more work and duties for the same number of people - is impossible to maintain over time.

Time to leave now and face traffic, see ya later!

Fun first, business later

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Three women are chatting along when the first one says: "You know, when I give my Dirk a blowjob, his balls always feel so cold".

"That's funny", says woman number two, "The same happens when I go down on my husband, Peter."

"So," they ask the third woman, "does that also happen when you go down on your Jeremy?"

"Erm, you know, I never dared giving him a blowjob" she admits.

"Oh my, girl!" the two others reply. "If you don't, he might go look for it elsewhere, ..."

That being a rather bold statement, the third woman goes home and as the night falls, she starts going down on her Jeremy. The next day she meets up with her lady friends and she's got one hell of a black eye.

"Damn!" she cries out. "I'm happily sucking his dick, then he suddenly smacks me upside the head"

"What the fuck?" the two respond. "He must have gone totally insane, why would he do something like that?"

"I haven't got the slightest clue. I was just telling him that it was so awsome that his balls were warm while giving him a blowjob, and those of Peter and Dirk weren't."

For those of you wondering what happened to the bloglet daily updates that you (used to) receive in your mailbox, they got disabled after I upgraded to MT3.2. I dropped by the Bloglet site and edited and re-enabled them. Everything should be peachy now.

One reason why I decided to work in security. We've got lots of elevators, but we lack in the hot chick departement.

Note : It should be obvious this is not real footage of security camera's at my place of work.


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Four thirty. About time I start opening my eyes, shave, have some food and leave for work.

Aw crap... I'm so tired I'm almost falling asleep, and today was just day 1 of four early shifts, followed by a 10 hour day shift. My nose is not yet dripping, but I'm been "sniffy" al day and my eyes hurt. I'm probably spreading bird flu like crazy, and you better be certain it is the deadly H5N1 type ;)

I think I'll head off to bed real soon and skip dinner altogether.

Planned for tomorrow :

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- go over to Joco to pick up some things (around 14h00)
- go shopping for food (after I get back from Joco's place)
- answer long over due mails and IM's (if I can find them...)
- play Travian(and Legend of the Green Dragon (busy)
- find out why no packages are arriving (1 arrived today)
- follow stockmarket and do some financial stuff (partially done)
- clean ferrets cage and entertain them (in the afternoon)
- get up (too) early (done!)
- work on x-mas wish list (probably not today)
- pgrade one (or two) more install(s) to MT3.2 (Upgrades completed!)

Lack of updates

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Well, I suppose the title is quite obvious, ain't it? I've been slacking on keeping the blog up to date, although not really. It's just that little or nothing interesting has been going on.

I've been working, sleeping and playing Travian and Legend of the Green Dragon (but that games database is down once again), so there is little to talk or write about. I expect it to remain so till at least the end of this month, but I doubt the situation will improve much in November. Maybe December will be less busy? If not, there's always 2006!

That's it folks! If you do anything interesting, tell me about it...

Where did it all go?

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I'm up and out of bed already because some idiots are coming over to check the central heating. Each year they come around and take note on how much I've burned according to their meters. The meters however consist of nothing but a small tube filled with a colored liquid. What irritates me more and more each year is that the little tube for instance will indicate a usage of 3.5 (whatever that may mean) while the radiator hasn't been on at all.

Liquids vaporize over time, you know? Aaarrrghhh.

I'm not feeling too well - still tired - and a busy two weeks are coming up. Up till the end of the month I'm home exactly two more days No two day weekends for me... I think it'll be equally busy in November as another shut-down commences on the 4th I believe and lasts till the 29th or so. Then, before you know it, December rolls around and everyone throws parties and drinks themselves into the new year.

Time vaporizes too it seems!

.dial teg t'nod syug eciN

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But I don't like being a bastard.


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Today is Joco's birthday so I gave him a call around 12:50 or so and after a few rings Eef picked up the phone. I said hi and asked if I woke them up and the answer was "erm, not exactly", after which she passed me Joco. I said hi and happy birthday matey, and then told him to go on doing well... Eef. Grin. I'm evil like that.

I've got an instinct for knowing when to to call them, or rather, when not to call them ;)

Just got a call from Ingrid, seems she got off at the wrong exit and is now parked somewhere in Ekeren. I gave her directions to the highway and what exit she has to take and she should arrive in about 30 minutes I think.


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Off in a couple of minutes as Joco just called me that he'll be leaving around 16h30. Time to start packing my stuff.

I just upgraded (one of) my oldest MT installs (2.661) to the recently released 3.2 version. I figured it was time to do so as the MT Blacklist was no longer being supported, and unfortunately over time it has become a critical tool in maintaining MT installs.

I may convert FK to 3.2 one of these days, and Joco will have to accept a move to the most recent version in due time as well.

The install itself went rather smooth apart from some typical upload and permission snags that I ran into, but all things considered : sweet!

Oh bollocks!

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I just picked up the phone and called D. because something that should have been done days ago still wasn't. Not too hard I'd say, and I decided to use my recently gained "assertiveness" techniques. Introduce myself, come straight to the point, explain the expectation, repeat the excuse if the other party comes up with one, request a deal and have that deal confirmed. It all sounds so easy, doesn't it?

Here's how my conversation went :

Me : "Hi D., it's S. and I'm calling you in regard to ..."
D. : "Hi S."
Me : "I came along last week on thursday and we agreed that you'd do ... but this hasn't been done yet."
D. : "Ah, hasn't it? I thought it had been done already. I'll do it tonight, for sure!"
Me : "Ah, ok then."
D. : "Bye."

Exactly why did it fail? I had all the steps mentally laied out before I even started the conversation? Why didn't I take her excuse (I thought it had been done already) and made it mine, showed understanding for the situation and prosposed a deal, which she then had to confirm? You tell me! I think it was because I was immediately looking for a reply to her "oh, I forgot" excuse, and that's wrong. She fucked up, I didn't. I need to just take her excusse and turn it around.

I think I've got a looong way ahead of me if I want to get better at this.

Thursday the 13th

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Getting to work last night proved challenging : someone decided it would be a good time to work on the road - without prior warning - so a trip that usually takes me about 35 minutes ended up taking 2 hours and 15 minutes. Luckily I left for work early, thus I only got in an hour late.

Off to bed for a quick nap now (about 5 or six hours I think) then I'll be getting some things done and head off to the sauna to meet up with Joco.

Tomorrow Inge arrives from Holland, and we'll be heading out to Antwerp to show her around. Should be loads of fun.

Someone stole my brain

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Yesterday I went to bed as late I could manage, which was around 2AM. I had been up since that morning 6:30AM. Tonight I start a 10 hour graveyard shift, yet this morning I got out of bed at 09:30. It's gonna be a long and hard shift I fear.

Got some things to do today, small things but they may prove to be important. Success is part determination and part having eye for detail.

Oh, I'm removing a word from my personal dictionary. As of today, the word "try" is no longer available.

Educational Hotness and patches


Todays training was fun and educational. I went to it yesterday without expectations as I had little to no idea what it would be about, or what we were expected to learn, but with an open mind. It proved to be the right way.

I learned some interesting techniques concerning communicating with people and now it's up to me : either I work on them and start using them which will make my life harder at first, yet easier in the long run, or I forget all about them and go for short term results. I think I'll do the first.

Unrelated, but also important : Microsoft released 8 (or 9?) patches for windows today. Hop over to Microsoft Update and patch your system before some trojan, virus or ad/spyware starts (ab)using these exploits to infect your system and you end up with tons of popups, and worse (spam anyone?).

On a side note : Katrien (the actress working with us during training today) is hot.

Killing nasties...

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This morning as I left for training - which is interesting but tomorrow I hope to learn something new for real - I set Olga to work, and when I got home around 13h00 she was stuck next to the toilet, as she had run out of power. I'm recharging her as we speak.

While typing out this post, I'm doing a check-up on the PC of a colleague and let me tell you this : I've seen some PC's infested with spyware, adware and viruses, but this one is one of the worst cases so far! A first scan with Ad-Aware using up to date reference files returned 530 entries. A second scan gave me another 35. Scanning again using a different account resulted in 118 entries.

Spybot S&D found 88 additional problems and a first virusscan (not up to date) reported 4 infected files - I had those removed. I'm currently running a new virusscan, this time updated up to today, and the screen tells me another Trojan horse has been spotted. No wonder André told me his machine was slow, unresponsive and generally behaving erratic!

I'm off to the store for food and some other things I need, while the scan continues, and when I get back I'll give him a call because one of the accounts is password protected and I want to scan it as well.

Oh fuck, bastard, bollocks

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(Eddie and Richie are out in the woods sleeping in a tent when a thunderstorm bursts out and Eddie wakes up and panics)

Eddie : "Where the bloody hell am I?"
Richie : "Calm down, you're in a tent."
Richie : "Eddie, I think there's something outside."
Eddie : "Yeah."
Eddie : "There's bound to be something outside, Richie."
Eddie : "You can't expect the universe in it's entire contents to be contained within the confines of a small canvas tent."

Does anyone else find this incredibly funny? There must be others out there that enjoy Bottom as much as I do, right?



If you were single and had to opportunity to (possibly) "advertise" "present" yourself in a national magazine (and thus "out" yourself as single and searching) would you do it? Would you consider it a good move, as good as for instance going to clubs and bars in the hope to run into that special someone, or does "how sad" pop into your mind instantly?

And what do you think about "dating sites"? Any ideas about those? Are those acceptable, dumb, sad, or fun? Have you used them (seriously, not just to make fun of others) and if so, were they worth your time?

Feedback is as always much appreciated. Not that it'll probably change my mind, but I always like to hear different opinions and be informed.

Note : Updated on the 9th, replaced "advertise" with "present" for that's a better choice of words.

Another PC fixed...


This time my dad was having some problems with one of the older machines, so I popped over, had a yummy dinner and chats before I started working on the machine. We installed a new disk, partitioned it, formatted, installed windows XP, some patches and then reinstalled some of the software he often uses. Works like a charm now, and faster than under windows 2000 as well.

That may be due to the fact that while replacing the disk we noticed the cooler that was on the old disk wasn't working properly : instead of blowing hot air away from the disk, it was sucking in dust and spreading it all over the drive! It was covered in a thick layer of dust, so that certainly would add to the problem. It seems the coolers got their polarity switched (not our fault but rather a manufacturing defect), so we turned the cooler around to get the correct effect. The machine should run much better now.

The joys of working on computers, you know :) A colleague from work may bring his machine along on monday so I can take a look at it as well, as he was complaining about it being sluggish and behaving weirdly. More adventures into PC land!

Getting to work proved possible though challenging : a couple of spots on the road were so foggy I hardly saw the car in front of me. When I arrived at work it was clear that things were not expected to be "normal" today. Lots of colleagues present and hightened security all around. That's all I can say about it, for obvious reasons.

One of the colleagues was already stopped on the way to work (around 5:15AM) , but when he got out of his car and explained his job and place of employment, they let him through after handing him a union pamphlet.

It could be interesting today

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It's a few minutes past 4AM as I write this and if I look outside my window, it's hard to see the other end of my balcony due to a very dense fog. If I took a knife and slashed out in the fog, there would be little cubes of fog falling down, that's how thick it is. Could be interesting to get to work.

Work itself may be interesting as well, due to the call for a national strike organised by one of the unions. One of their targets is the harbour, you can bet on that, and even if I don't work in the harbour itself, we're close enough to it.

So, my friends, I sign off early this morning and head out, look for my car and see if I manage to go somewhere.

Discount time is over

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Why do I charge people that I know personally though have nothing but an acquaintance relationship with less than people I get to know as customers first? I'll have to take care of that and set the record straight starting January 2006. That way I hope to redefine the interaction with said family as strictly business. I don't talk, meet or hear them anyway, unless one of their computers is acting up. Suits me fine to just do business with them then.

The main machine had problems with "oledlg.dll" reporting it as corrupt/bad, whatever. First question that pops in my mind is "How did they manage to replace a windows system file with an incorrect/illegal file?" because that is something tricky, even if one knows how to proceed. And believe me, they don't know!

Fixed that (sfc /scannow), installed latest versions of Ad-aware and scanned the machine, then ran Spybot S&D for good measure, defragged the drive and extended their subscription for the virus scanner - which had expired somewhere in June! Installed one more XP patch and then I moved onto the secondary PC, used by one of the sons. Apparently since the last time I had been there, he decided to install windows XP onto it. Not my problem, earlier on it was windows Me and that was way too often my problem.

He just had some tiny problems with pop-up and getting disconnected. 3 hours later I had gotten rid of 78 virus infected files, over 300 instances of spy and adware and installed 17 XP patches that had been downloaded to the machine but never were installed. Go figure. I dropped SP2 onto the old box as well (128MB ram, yikes) for good measure hoping it will slow down the amount of trojans and viruses he always manages to gather on his machine. A new and up-to-date virus scanner as a cherry on top of the cake should keep everything under control for the time being.

Time wasted : 6 hours.
Time charged : 3.5 hours

This has to stop, next time she pays the going rate, no more discounts. It's not as if she returns any favors, so why would I cut her any slack?

Imagine my suprise


When Taxipost showed up just minutes ago with a large box. Yes, I finally received my order, about time I'd say. Taxes were low, so that's good and now I really gotta kick into gear and get things going.

I've got to make room to store everything and make an inventory. I'll be updating later or tomorrow.

Update : Went shopping and got back home with a bunch of boxes to store junk, so I can create some free space to work. Expensive, but very much needed. Will be out tomorrow morning doing another IT intervention, which should cover today's expenses :)

Commercial, my ass!

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I just called WorldPack (again) to check the status on my shipment. It again took me close to 5 minutes to get someone on the phone and then I gave them my reference number.

WP: "When did you return the information we requested?"
ME : "Last week, by fax on wednesday".
WP : "Ah, then it'll be delivered somewhere this week, but I don't know when yet".
ME : "But you got the fax alright?"
WP : "Yes, no problem"

Pretty bizarre, don't you think? First they ask me when I provided all info, then they tell me everything arrived fine. If you know it's all there, you don't have to ask the customer when they supplied said information, correct?

Anyway, fingers crossed that they will indeed show up at my door this week. Probably the one day I won't be home in the morning :(

Spank me

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Well, I mean "hit me" atually. Next time I do stupid a thing such as agreeing to go somewhere at 08:30 on a sunday morning when I'm working late shifts, will someone please remind me that it's a bad idea?

Bleh, getting up early when there really is no good reason to do so sucks. Off to shave and stuff, then fuck around with a computer a bit. Hopefully back in time to go to work.

Update : Just got back in time to have a quick bite, then off to my regular job for an 8 hour shift. Life is chaos.

Poor colleague

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I don't know yet who will be doing control room duty with me today, but I sure hope he's up to some fine music :

The Best of the Seventies (4CD)
Disco Classics (2CD)
Het Gevoel van de Seventies (2CD)
Scooter - Back to the Heavyweight Jam
Pink - Can't take me home
Pink - Try this
Pink - Missundaztood

Tomorrow I think I'll take a totally different style of music with me. It usually depends on my mood right before I leave, and today, I feel disco, baby!

Oops... bye bye 250GB?

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It had been giving me write back delayed errors for a couple of days, but now my 250GB external La Cie Porsche drive seems to have died on me completely. I unplugged it and connected it to another USB 2.0 port, but the little led on the side doesn't even turn green/yellow anymore, just bright red. When booting XP, the device is not recognized and when I search for new hardware it reports "device cannot start".

I'm screwed, ain't I? Sure enough the disk was not filled to the brim - phew - but still I think there was about 80GB worth of data on it. Not the most important data admittedly, yet I'd like to recover some if not all before the drive is declared dead officially, or is sent in for repair. I think I'll first have to see if it's still under warranty as it is not that old yet.

Luckily I did register my disk when I bought it, so I just requested my password to be mailed to me again. Let's see if that actually changes anything when it comes to warranty.

Update : It doesn't work when directly connected to a USB port on my desktop, but it is accessible when attached to the powered USB hub. Trying to recover and save data now.

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