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Didn't get too much accomplished today. Worked 8 hours on my regular job and am still trying to pinpoint the reason IMAP doesn't work on the new account. Apparently something is really wrong because yesterday I managed to log in with the account using password A and POP3, but when I gave support Password A they replied it didn't work at all.

When I got home and read their message, and tried again myself, it failed on me too. Strange things, I tell you. I recreated the account and tested POP3 successfully, so a new reply from the helpdesk is to be expected soon I hope - after they tested logging in with the new account/pass combination.

While not essential, I hope to get it figured out and solved as that would be one thing to take off the list. In the mean time, I've set up a deal with an Italian photographer, so I'm really making myself make this work. Did that sentence make any sense?

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