Hardcore, Big Pimpin' Style

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Last night was just wonderful : after getting inked and poked for over 4 hours, we went out and had the best pizza ever and the best company one can wish for. To make a long story short : I enjoyed myself ;)

Got home around 00:15, gave the new ink a first wash and applied some cream. Today it's all feeling a bit tender which is to be expected and raising my arm (thus stretching skin) is a bit painful. It looks gorgeous though!

Marisa says I'm hardcore now, lol Tattoo before I washed it (after long drive home)

Big Pimpin' Style Marisa says I'm "hardcore" now, lol...

Note : this tattoo is an original piece, designed by Daniel DiMattia in cooperation with me. If you decide to copy it and I find out, I'll slaw a copyright lawsuit on your ass. If you think tattoos are free to take, read these articles by Marisa Kakoulas and rethink your strategy : Fighting Back: Enforcing Tattoo Copyright (2004) and The Tattoo Copyright Controversy (2003).

1 Comment

Wow. I just had to wipe a lot of drool off my chin. That is HOT.

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