Counting down

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I'm not counting days anymore, but hours :

In 49 minutes I'm off to bed.
In 6.5h I'll be awake and getting ready for work.
I have to work 8 more hours and then I've got 168 hours off.
In 24h I'll have come up with a detailed schedule of things to do and deadlines set for those goals.
In 24h the ink on my fingers should come off (new stamp=messing with ink).
In approximately 36h I'll be getting inked by Daniel DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo.
In 48h I'll start working towards accomplishing those goals and move things forward.
In 300h (give or take a few) my new tattoo will be healed.
Over the next 11.280h I will meet a nice girl and have fun - and maybe even sex?

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