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Words, words, words

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Gotta leave early for work as I've got an appointement with the doctor for my medical checkup at 13:10. Still no trace of the order I've written about before, either WorldPack didn't get the fax (which I doubt as I've got a transmission report right here) or they just refuse to budge for some reason, even though I've left them both my mobile and my home phone number.

Nothing much else is new or happening right now.

More work

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Today's thursday, right? My week seems totally fucked up again, so when I wake up I quite often have no clue what day it is. After a few minutes I usually figure it out though :)

Reminders to myself :

October 2nd, 08h30 - intervention at RVT
October 7, 8 & 9 : The London Tattoo Convention?

Various Links

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Some random links that I recently added to my bookmarks because I want(ed) to read up on them, the topic was of interest to me, or I found them funny in some way :

Solar Challenge 2005 - Nuna 3 (Environment)
FogQuest (Environment)
Solar Haven(Environment)
Tor (Privacy and Anonimity)
Steelwerks (unclassified)
Free Spirit Spheres (Literally thinking outside the box)

I've been busy today

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Today I finally was able to get in touch with WorldPack. I tried once again yesterday evening, but due to severe traffic conditions I didn't get home till after 17h00, so that didn't really work out. I just faxed them everything they require and hope to receive my order one of these days.

Two more books arrived today (e-bay purchases) : "Piercing, A modern anthology" which looks fabulous, and one french book titled "Le dessin sur la peau (Ritologiques 1)".

I did a quick survey to see if there would be much interest in Burst magazine in Belgium and The Netherlands, but it seems low, especially due to very high costs involved in having the (already expensive magazine) shipped from Japan. I may still subscribe to it though, just to keep up to date.

Now I'm gonna play Travian for a couple of minutes.

Going digital anyone?

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Yesterday the pricerange for the IPO of telenet has been announced : €21 to €25,5 a piece. I've just filed a purchase order for some of those.

Keeping in mind the Elia IPO a couple of months ago, where the demand was several times higher than the offered number of shares, I've learned a lesson and increased my order a bit, just in case. I can only hope this deal works out as well as Elia one ;)

Off to work now...

Burn baby burn - Disco Inferno...

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First day at the job again and it was kind of OK. Not too early, not too busy, not too boring, exactly right. Tomorrow I'll be spending it on the site itself, which should be a good opportunity to check some things out and get familiar with them once more. It's been quite a while since I was on the site for a full day, as I spend most of my time in the control room.

When I got home today, one letter from WorldPack was waiting for me. It seems my large (or should I say huge?) order has arrived in Belgium, but is stuck at customs. I tried calling WorldPack to see what steps I need to take in order to get it released to me - probably will include paying for some things - but they had closed for the day by the time I got home. I've sent them a mail and will give them a follow-up call tomorrow or wednesday as I'll be home.

I just hope the taxes ain't too hefty, as the shipping already was quite a serious additional cost. Another order for 6 Hardcover books is being processed in the USA as well, and after several negative replies on requests for one specific title, I finally received one positive answer that new stock should be coming in October 15th and then they'll be dispatched to me.

Sounds positive, but I first have to have those books in my hands before I'll believe it. After all, three other stores advertised online as well that they still carried the book, yet had to admit later on it wasn't available anymore.

Disco Inferno was playing in the background in "Cold Case" on TV, hence the title.

Looking back to past week

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Here I am, at home and it's my final day of leave from work. Tomorrow it's back to the slavery, lack of sleep and working shifts. I'm looking forward to it in a way, yet I wouldn't mind taking another 2 or three weeks off either. I've kept myself busy, yet not really accomplished anything I was planning on.

Yes, I'm that good :)

The tattoo is healing fine, and somehow I seem to have skipped the itchy part and went straight to healing and skin flaking off. That started yesterday morning - 4 days after it was done - and has already diminished quite a lot today, so going back to work tomorrow shouldn't be too much of a problem, tattoo wise.

Off to make the most of my last day... toodles!


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I was putting some laundry into to machine and turned it on when I noticed it wasn't on the correct program. I turned it back off, changed the program and turned it back on. I heard a "thud" that was it. No more power to the laundrymachine. Strange...

I went over to my power box and sure enough two jumpers had turned themselves off, so I switched those back on and verified the rest : everything clear, yet I still had no power. When I turned on the light and that didn't work either I knew something else was seriously wrong.

The main power jumper was OK in my apartment, thus it had to be elsewhere, right? I first thought that maybe the block itself had lost power, but as the elevator and lights in the hallway operated normally, that couldn't be the case either. When I arrived in the basement, I noticed the power to my apartment was turned off completely, which is just the flick of a switch, so either something went wrong when I turned on and off the laundry machine, or someone has been in the basement and accidently turned off the wrong power box, or ran into it and flipped the switch without realizing it.

If I suddenly hear screams from inside the building somewhere, I guess someone just turned off the wrong box :)

Anyway, power is back, laptop is charging, fridge and freezer are cooling again, clocks have been re-set and things checked. Laundry is being done. I'm off to the supermarket now, but before I leave, I'll tell Olga to go vacuum my floor.


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IPO of Telenet on the 26th. Keep an eye open for the initial price-fork and order stock before the 30th if interesting.

Bad eCommerce!

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You know what's irritating? When you finally find a store (in a land far far away) that still carries a book that you've been looking for for weeks, and when you're done entering all purchase information, a couple of hours later you receive this reply :

Dear customer,

I'm sorry but this title is now out of print. We have corrected our website and apologise for the misinformation.

Sales representative name

Nice, ain't it? If you want to do business on the web, keep your shit up to date, simple as that. Anyway... this leaves me with just one more option : try and get the book from the original author, who've I mailed also but have not yet gotten a reply from.

If anyone reading this has tips on how to get in touch and deal with publishers/publishing companies, I can use all tips you've got.

Hardcore, Big Pimpin' Style

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Last night was just wonderful : after getting inked and poked for over 4 hours, we went out and had the best pizza ever and the best company one can wish for. To make a long story short : I enjoyed myself ;)

Got home around 00:15, gave the new ink a first wash and applied some cream. Today it's all feeling a bit tender which is to be expected and raising my arm (thus stretching skin) is a bit painful. It looks gorgeous though!

Marisa says I'm hardcore now, lol Tattoo before I washed it (after long drive home)

Big Pimpin' Style Marisa says I'm "hardcore" now, lol...

Note : this tattoo is an original piece, designed by Daniel DiMattia in cooperation with me. If you decide to copy it and I find out, I'll slaw a copyright lawsuit on your ass. If you think tattoos are free to take, read these articles by Marisa Kakoulas and rethink your strategy : Fighting Back: Enforcing Tattoo Copyright (2004) and The Tattoo Copyright Controversy (2003).

Poke me!

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And off I go... I'll be back somewhere later tonight.

Just to avoid any "dumb" questions upfront :

Didn't that hurt?
Of course it hurts. If you can get thousands of holes poked into your skin without feeling anything, something's wrong with you.

Because I like it? Do I go around asking you why you had your face lifted, your bum sucked or your boobs enlarged? Believe me, there is no difference and if you think there is, think again.

Does it come off?
Yes. If you rub it really hard. It'll also grant you one wish (just like the genie) : the wish you can outrun me, because if I get my hands on you, you'll be mighty sorry for rubbing my new tattoo really hard.

Palm trees, coctails, dreams

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Yay! I'm on holiday, or rather in vacation mode. I'm not going anywhere, but not being at work will be a nice change nonetheless.

My first match of the new season in Hattrick went quite well, as I won 4-0 and that victory put me first place in the league as well. Sure enough, this was only the first match and I've got some quite tough matches ahead of me, but it is a good start. If only more people had come and watch so I'd made more money. Money is starting to become a real issue and will possibly even result in the team being declared bankrupt if things don't change fast. I've fired two players recently to cut back on wages and two of my support staff were let go as well.

Counting down

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I'm not counting days anymore, but hours :

In 49 minutes I'm off to bed.
In 6.5h I'll be awake and getting ready for work.
I have to work 8 more hours and then I've got 168 hours off.
In 24h I'll have come up with a detailed schedule of things to do and deadlines set for those goals.
In 24h the ink on my fingers should come off (new stamp=messing with ink).
In approximately 36h I'll be getting inked by Daniel DiMattia of Calypso Tattoo.
In 48h I'll start working towards accomplishing those goals and move things forward.
In 300h (give or take a few) my new tattoo will be healed.
Over the next 11.280h I will meet a nice girl and have fun - and maybe even sex?

Relaxing in the sauna

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I just got my balls bubbled for three hours, and I feel rather relaxed. Just popping in to check my mail and then off to bed. Tata!

My hart is pumping

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I don't know if it's "wise" to get really pissed off at 03:30AM, but I'm about to explode. Why, you may wonder? Because people promise things and then don't follow through.

I wanted to give some examples but then realized I may be too harsh. It's just that I don't like waiting for things to happen and rather make them happen. In this case, I can't. Maybe all of it will be resolved when I get home from work later today, and if not... I'll just go and relax in the sauna for a couple of hours and try to push any negative feelings away.

And my day hasn't even started yet... still, here is an overview of pending cases and the direct monetary value involved :

€135 : Payment (September 14th 23h26) - Status : shipment arrived
€13/month : Helpdesk ticket (September 14th 04h48) - Status : answered but unresolved. (update Sept. 18th : under investigation)
€350 : Payment and bill confirmation (September 10th 10h48) - Status : no answer yet
€11 : Payment (September 06th 15h00) - Status : shipment arrived

Am I too demanding?

Drinking kills braincells

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I totally forgot what I was about to write here. It was clear as crystal in my mind one minute, and bang! I must have dropped that crystal.

I'm about to make myself some mac & cheese in a few minutes, in the mean time watch the news on the telly and snuggle with those two carpetsharks since they're awake.

I - damn, I lost it again.

And I don't even drink alohol that often, if not rarely at all.


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I've been doing all kinds of fun things on my day off :

- getting up early (07h45)
- laundry (everything is drying right now)
- running to the bank and paying bills
- balancing finances and checking statements

I tell you, it's EXCITING to be me!

Push push push

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Didn't get too much accomplished today. Worked 8 hours on my regular job and am still trying to pinpoint the reason IMAP doesn't work on the new account. Apparently something is really wrong because yesterday I managed to log in with the account using password A and POP3, but when I gave support Password A they replied it didn't work at all.

When I got home and read their message, and tried again myself, it failed on me too. Strange things, I tell you. I recreated the account and tested POP3 successfully, so a new reply from the helpdesk is to be expected soon I hope - after they tested logging in with the new account/pass combination.

While not essential, I hope to get it figured out and solved as that would be one thing to take off the list. In the mean time, I've set up a deal with an Italian photographer, so I'm really making myself make this work. Did that sentence make any sense?

A short to-do list

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Set up payment gateway [Studying options]
Set up mail client and server using IMAP [On Hold - POP3 OK]
Check necessity of SSL and install [Pending]
Enter products into webshop [Started]
Set up shipping and tax calculations correctly [Started]

No dates so far, because I first need to see what else needs to be done in addition to the items listed above. I fall into new pits of hell as I move along, or so it seems. Luckily there is a solution for every problem :)

Pushing myself

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I got home from a nightshift this morning and went to bed for a couple of hours. Got up around 15h00 and have been working on setting up a new project since. I'm slowly making progress, though some things don't work as expected. I don't seem to be the only one struggling with the setup and finetuning, but that doesn't really help me.

I think I'll have to dig deeper into the support forums. But first I need some food in my belly and a break from the computer. I think I may have completed less than 1% of the amount of work that'll be needed to get this off the ground and working smoothly.

Next thing I have to do - while cooking and/or eating - is to work out a realistic roadmap, setting goals, dates and deadlines. Otherwise I'll just dump everything in a matter of days. It helps to know yourself :)

I hope this pays off

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I just got a revised bill for an order I placed two days ago, and the freight/shipping is 10 times as much as originally quoted when placing my order. The reason? The shipping quote on our site is only for domestic US shipping, not international. Arrrrgghhh.

Anyway, I confirmed the order and just hope things work out fine. If not, it'll be a USD400 mistake that I made, but I'll have learned from it I suppose.

A fixed schedule that changes a lot

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So much for being home for a full day. I just got a call from work to check whether I could do two extra shifts (tonight and tomorrow night) because a colleague called in sick for an extended period of time. As I didn't have anything else planned tomorrow - it is sunday after all - I agreed and thus forfeited yet another weekend.

Ah well... I could have said no, thus I don't have any reason to complain now. My choice, and at the end of the month, I'll be happy with my paycheck. One that could come in handy as I'm doing some buying and selling and testing the waters, to see if some of my ideas are viable.

Note : my shedule on the right has been updated to reflect all currently known changes.

Let me entertain you...

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Fuck long entries, I'm just dropping some links :

Bush :  one of the worst disasters to hit the U.S. Since we'll be having Peeking, Flashing and Kissing in this entry, why not add some Bush? You have to admit that the caption in combination with the image being shown is funny, whether or not you support George. For all of you who think making fun of someone is outrageous and not permitted, get out of your cocoon and step into the real world.

Sneak-a-peek (thanks to Nadia)
FlashRadium (lots of games)
Kiss for the Camera (Girls kissing = hot!)
Lithiumpicnic (Fashion & Fine Art photography)

Brain overheated

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't is fucking heet
't es mor da get weet
'k kannekik zoa nie sloape
deze nacht wakker zen
en tegelijk zitte goape

oge nie open te houe
houdt a smoel dicht
ge zet mor ne flauwe
ge moe zo nie zeike
nu da't zon endelek doorbreike

The heat combined with me listening to 't Hof van Commerce (Ezoa en niet anders) results in the weirdest postings on this blog. Still, there is a lot of truth in those lines.

A boring life

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Let's see what I accomplished over the past two days... nothing really important I guess.
- I bid and won some on ebay (mostly tattoo books/magazines)
- Went to the bank and paid for one of those items
- Installed NetStumbler on the laptop
- I cleaned the cage of my fuzzbutts and entertained them
- I added 3 Katrina Hurricane Relief textads to my sites
- I filled out a work related survey
- I watched Team America on DVD again last night - stirr funny ;)
- I researched GPS devices for my notebook (didn't buy one yet)
- I did finances and classified some paperwork
- Checked the stockmarket (no opportunities yet)
- Trimmed the ivy because it started to grow wild
- Showered, shaved and trimmed
- Went shopping for food
- Played online games

I think that's about it. Well that's what I can remember right now. My neck hurts - it's stiff as hell - so turning my head left/right but especially up and down is kinda painful for the moment.

I'm looking forward to my week off from work.

Some people just don't get it

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Some people want to sell goods internationally, online, yet fail to accept online payments. That's something I just don't get. If you want to be serious and sell online, do it properly : I don't want to have to to leave my house to complete any part of our transaction. If I felt like doing some old-fashioned shopping, I'd drive over to a local shop and browse for what I needed there, pay and come back home. I think that takes too long and involves too much crap.

Because "schokomadel" refuses to accept online payments, I'll have to wake up during opening hours of my bank, go there, stand in line and get the person behind the desk fill out a bunch of papers to transfer a mere €12 to an account somewhere in Germany. My time alone is worth more than that.

Note to self : avoid online sellers that ain't "with it".


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I am, really. I was planned for a total of 130.5 hours in september, so with a couple of days off of work, that would be really nice, yet result in a low paycheck. Thus I volunteered for an extra 10 hours (one nightshift and one day where I start a little earlier), with the possibility for another 8 hours on sunday before I take a week off.

I'll probably regret it when those days roll around, but I'll survive and have a better paycheck next month. Always have to think ahead :)

Off to work now!

Gathering my thoughts

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It took me a few days to reflect on some recent developments and come up with an honest and to the point answer, but I did today. I felt it to be of such importance that it warranted ignoring any follow-up mails even if that may have given a wrong impression, and to gather my thoughts before starting laying out some sentences.

I speak vaguely and I'm aware of that. It is of no concern to you for now.

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