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Someone asked me when I was gonna blog from bed, but I don't remember who it was. Anyway, I am in bed right now, after a very long and stressy late shift at work. If I thought yesterday was bad, today was even worse. Some (hopefully temporary) measures went into effect to deal with recent developments and while those are not that difficult to adhere to, they do wreck havoc on the normal (if such a thing even exists) day to day way things are done.

Especially if person A demands we assign someone to a specific task, while person B gives specific orders to carry out another task. Sure enough, we've got etra manpower present during shut-downs, but if they are all tied down, that leaves us with nothing to spare and extra tasks to be completed. Add to that a shitload of clueless people arriving after hours that need loads and loads of things to be taken care of, you get situations such as today : my teamleader was supposed to come up and relieve me of my job for 30 to 60 minutes, so I could take a peek outside, smell the air and possibly even see the sun, but that didn't happen. Yesterday he was able to come up for exactly 5 minutes, so I didn't even get the chance to get off my chair.

Today it was so busy he couldn't come up, nor did he have time to eat. I munched down on my bread quickly inbetween calls and the phones just kept ringing pretty much non-stop. When I finally left at 22:15 - after verifying a fire alarm that had popped up even though my shift ended at 22:00 - he was still working on a report of a little accident that happenend. While no one was injured in the accident, it did take out our intervention vehicle, which will certainly complicate things for the rest of the week, if not longer.

Only 2 more to go, then I'll be home for a period of 1 day(s) - do you see the sarcasm just dripping off? - before I start 3 early shifts, 1 late shift, followed by an 11 hour shift (10:00 till 21:00). If that 11 hour day is anything like today, they'll have to put me in a straightjacket and put me away for sure.

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