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Land of the Dead wasn't bad, but can be summed up in just a couple of words : "lots of zombies and lots of fighting". A true no-brainer, but entertaining nonetheless.

As I wrote before, I have been looking at web-advertising and more specifically micro-ads over the past few days. Since I'm bored out of my skull right now, I'll just install an adserver and see how hard it is to just run my own. If it works, good, then I might keep it and possibly one day open it up for others as well. If it doesn't work, I'll have learned new things and had fun for a couple of hours.

Note : I should have been asleep about an hour ago, but this adserver thing is totally cool! I think I've only grasped 25% of all the possibilities so far, and it has tons of things I don't intend to use anyway, but man... it's fun!

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