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Believe it or not, this is the first ever entry made on this blog using my own secured wireless network. It took me a while to get the client and the router to play along and use the same WPA key, but in the end I got it all correct. This neighborhood has just gotten a new secured wireless network.

Because I am (just a little) bit paranoid, I've decided not only to implement WPA-PSK with a TKIP encryption, but I've turned on MAC address filtering as well. This should create an extra hoop to jump through in case someone manages to get inside the network in the first place. The default network name has of course been changed, and a strong password has been set up for administration of the router.

I've got an excellent connection in the apartment, so I should be able to use this thing anywhere I want. I'll try blogging from my terrace next time - probably on friday, providing the weather is fine - this post was brought to you from my bedroom.

Now I really have to run and get ready for work!

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