Feeling like Santa Claus


Yesterday was an interesting day at work. I usually spend about 99% of my time inside the control room where I have no windows, no natural light and no fresh air, so when I was scheduled for outside duty I was pretty pleased with it. A full day on a bike, out in the sun, lovely weather, I was looking forward to it. When I arrived at work, I spent the first hour or so working inside the main building, then I moved to assist one of the colleagues who was checking incoming traffic.

Around 08h30 I was called on the walkie talkie and had to call the control room who then asked me to start working in the hot (nuclear) zone. Which is inside. With no windows nor sunlight. Ah well... such is life I suppose.

I worked in the hot zone till 12h00 then had troubles getting back out because of a minor contamination problem wich was taken care of, after I could go have something to eat and drink. Went back in at 13h00 and worked inside till 16h30. My shift was supposed to end at 16h00 but as being replaced by a colleague is far from easy when inside a hot zone, I called my supervisor and discussed the problem with him, and we agreed that it would make more sense for me to remain inside. Then I had to find a way to lock a door from the outside, but the problem was that it is somewhere high upon the roof of one of our buildings.

I left the nuclear zone - no problem exiting this time - took the elevator to the top floor, then climbed some stairs and finally stepped outside (yay! Sunlight! Fresh air!) onto a different part of the roof. Up next was crossing various parts, climb ladders and stairs to ultimately arrive at the door that needed locking. I called my colleague over the walkie talkie to make sure this was the door we were looking for and proceeded to lock it. As I was walking and climbing roofs, I felt like Santa Claus - I only lacked the horse and the presents to throw down the chimneys.

Maybe next time :)


Your Santa Claus rides a horse? What about the reindeer???

Maybe Santa did get rid of them because Rudolf had a red nose and was drunk most of the time, who knows?

Anyway, Ash is right of course, my bad ;)

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