Balconies, carpetsharks and people

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Here I am, blogging from my terrace. I'm sitting on my ass, on the floor and trying to get the attention of Bono, one of my carpetsharks that just woke up and realized his cage was open. Lol, right now he's using his paws to clean his face, while he rolls around in the dust that gathered in the corner of my balcony. He still hasn't noticed me, although... yes, he just realized he can walk further than the half meter he had explored so far.

It's not that the balcony is unknown territory for them, they just dont come out and play here all that often. One of the reasons being the weather sucking most of the time (it's either too cold, too hot or too wet here in Belgium), and the fact that after the winter I have to clean the place up before they can run out and play. Let me tell you, fuzzbutts have a radar for finding dust, sand and general dirtyness. Dirt and albino fuzzies don't mix too well. Max on the other hand ain't an albino, so if he's dirty, I just won't notice it as quickly :p

Today's early shift was manageable and I had lots of fun and laughs during it. I was a bit suprised when I found out I had to stay one more hour to check and close up another site of ours, but in hindsight it wasn't so bad. The time passed quickly and I could have known about it upfront : after all it was noted on my schedule, I just didn't see it when I took notes of when I have to work this month.

Off to do some websurfing now, and look at people passing down below.

(Max just woke up and came outside as well, so now I gotta be on the lookout for him trying to empty the large flowerbed outside. It doesn't have any flowers in it, but it's filled to the brim with sand!)

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