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You know how I always make fun of people that manage to let their domain name expire? Well, today the joke is certainly on me! I managed to let expire because I was under the impression that it would be up for renewal before september, but the difference in date notation between the US and Europe caught me off guard. 08/09/2005 ain't september 8th apparently, but rather august 9th 2005 and when I logged on this morning, FK was gone.

Why can't everyone just use the international date format of yyyy/mm/dd instead? That would be so much easier! Anyway, nothing really bad happened this time and FK is still firmly in my hands so it should reappear soon enough. Always remember that if something seems incorrect with the main domain, try pointing your browser to as an alternative. If they both are down, contact me, because then something really is wrong.

Ah, another lesson learned I suppose. Off to work in a few minutes because I have to start early today. Then I've got a full 4 days off - because I took up some leave - before early shifts call again.

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