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Home. Bed. Sleep. Tired. Hopefully home earlier tomorrow. Zzzzz.

Update 18:04 : I have no real clue what day it is, but it feels like a tuesday. Below some entries I wrote yesterday night :

Playlist for tonight's shift :

Scala on the Rocks : Dream On (Limited edition with 5 track Bonus CD)
Madonna - Music
Missy Elliott - So Addictive

Two more nights to go, which is a good thing. I like nightshifts as they tend to be much calmer compared to early/late shifts and I can certainly appreciate that during shut-downs. It is still work yet it allows one to relax a bit. With relaxing I don't mean "feet up and party" but rather "enough time to get all tasks accomplished without being disturbed every 5 seconds for something new that's "urgent"", 8 hours in a row.

When track 16 (4 my people - basement jaxx remix) was done blasting through the speakers, I thought we had reached the end of the Missy Elliott CD. Imagine my suprise when after a couple of seconds (I was on the phone) it suddenly jumped to track 29 and out came a slow R&B track lasting 1 minute 44 seconds where she asks not to judge her on her music, yadda yadda. I'm not all that much a fan of religious blah blah. Track 30 contained another song : close to 5 minutes of Missy praising her love for the Lord, slow R&B style. Not my cup of tea, but hey... ain't it strange to own a CD for over a year (maybe even longer) and suddenly discover two new songs?

Off to get some food now!

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