R.I.P Tisha 2005-07-02


As with everything living, ferrets also have a time of coming and a time of going it seems. When I woke a few minutes ago, I checked on the carpetsharks as I always do and Tisha had passed away. She had been ill for a while and medication was not really helpful anymore, so I suppose it was just what was coming up all along. Still it saddens me a lot, as giving up one of those little fuzzbutts that you love so much is hard, very hard.

On the other hand, right now she probably is dooking around somewhere over the rainbow bridge, chasing all her friends and munching on raisins. I'll miss her.


I don't think a ferret could receive better loving care than what you provide your kids....


on the other hands, as she has been ill for a longer period now, maybe she's better of now, although i understand it does not feel like that!

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