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The Belgian Chamber has taken first steps towards approving a bill concerning the right of gay parents to adopting children. The only thing changed in the previous bill was the striking of three words : "of different sexe".

Yes, it's as simple as that and I really don't understand why anyone would consider same-sexe partners to be less fit to adopt and raise children as "traditional" parents. Apparently a few political parties still differentiate based on sexe : Vlaams Belang (no surpise there), cdH and CD&V. They wanted to keep "of different sexe" in and then regulate the situation for same-sexe parents in another way.

This is such a non-issue that I wonder why so much time spent discussing these things over and over? Either you're fit to be a parent and raise a child, or you're not. My opinion? Stop looking for problems that don't exist and stop wasting valuable time. End of discussion.

The new computersystem - Phenix - being used by the Justice departement is a total waste : insecure, incomplete and not userfriendly. That is the conclusion reached today in a first report auditing the system that was supposed to be live and functioning in 2003. My advice : ask Group 4 Falck (oops, that should be Group 4 Securicor now) about introducing new computer systems next time. They know all about it! My opinion? Think and evaluate before, during and after. Stop wasting our money on things that don't work.

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