It is happing all over, mark my words...


Things like this : Telus blocks union website are very good reasons why applications like JAP and tor exist, should be supported and maintained. If others start deciding what you can and can't access (also read censorship? Nah, we wouldn't dare), you will have to find ways around the censorship while the legality is checked and decided upon. And even in that case, I am not one to decide what others can or can't do, read or write, and I expect to get the same courtesy from society.

With new "anti-terrorism laws" being invoked daily and privacy being stripped away, minute after minute, it won't be long before we're being told where to sit, when to breathe and ultimately when to die.

The question is, will you accept it, or fight?


Your last paragraph sounded like fearful SF. But I'm afraid we're not far from radical deprivation of freedom indeed. Bit by bit the government encases our do's and don'ts already.

Fight, as always!

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