Tribal Fire Breathing


I haven't done much interesting today. Received a new book this morning which I can/should review for my other site (, went shopping for food (yummy fruit and veggies) and that's about it. Oh, wait... I also got myself some slippers as I need some on friday. I got a nice bathrobe yesterday, and it ahs some sort of a story attached to it.

I'm walking the store, looking for a bathrobe in my size and finally find some. They've got the regular white ones, blue one, some with a colorfull checkered pattern on them, the works. As I'm going through the white robes, I find one my size and I notice it has this nice looking tribal dragon on the front. Cool! The price is right, the size is fitting and off to the register I go. I pay and head home. When I get home, I clip off the label and other various crap they attach to clothes and I notice a "Peanuts" tag being amongst them. Ain't Peanuts related to Snoopy? Ah well... I pay no more attention and drop the thing in the laundromat for a first wash.

When it's done I grab it and put it on my drying rack when I notice the front of the bathrobe : that ain't a tribal dragon! It's bloody Snoopy. I admit, Snoopy is cool, but still... I still have no clue how I managed to change Snoopy into a tribal dragon while I was browsing. My mind must have been elsewhere I guess. Anyway, if you run into me while I'm wearing my bathrobe, keep this in mind : "My Snoopy has tribal instincts and breathes fire!".



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