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I just finished cleaning out the ferrets cages, while they played around. I also cleaned their ears, and nailclipping was done earlier this week. Bono still hates having his ears cleaned, resulting in a mess all over the place. Tisha and Max on the other hand don't mind it that much, phew.

My taxform is still not filled out due to missing information. When I received a letter from my employer I was hoping it would contain the missing statement, but instead it had a memo included : due to switching to a new system, extra checks need to be done, and this poses an exceptional delay. We hope to be able to start sending out missing statemens on the 13th of June.

Mind you, they've been pulling the "new system" scapegoat for the past year, and still they can't get it right. In case they indeed manage to get statements out on the 13th - which to be frank, I don't buy - they'll probably arrive on the 15th or so. Which leaves everyone with just 15 days to complete their taxforms. Nice, I tell you. Maybe I should check if employers are not legally bound to deliver 281.10 documents before a certain deadline. I only found one article stating a date of March 1st, but I can't find any official documents about it. Maybe if someone working in a fiscal environment reads this, they could point me in the correct direction? Confirmed through a link given to me by Joco, thanks mate!

Off to work the nightshift later... see ya!

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