Todays temperature totally sucks - way too hot for my liking, and due to it I "sinned" yesterday. I had some icecream. It's not specifically on the list of things I shouldn't eat, but it would match 'candy' I suppose. Ah well... too bad.

I really hope things cool seriously down later tonight or during the week, because I don't feel like being sweaty every second of the week!

Guess what : today I received a letter from my employer! It contained an individual statement of all payments done in 2004. However, to my knowledge, it's not a statement 281.10, so I doubt I can use it to file my taxes. I'll go and seek help on those tomorrow afternoon and have them checked. I usually am able to do them myself, but with all the shit that went on last year, I don't want to "just give it a shot" and then find out I totally messed up.

Yeah, I admit, I'm in a whiney mood today. The heat is getting to me - in such a way even that I almost stopped my car in the middle of the highway while trying to get home to beat the crap out of some loser that figured that running people off the road was a good idea. If you pass me on the left side while you know there is a traffic jam and you then have to merge into the right lane - where at that point I've been sitting for something like 20 minutes, hardly moving at all - if I don't leave a gap, there is a reason for it. Don't force your way into it. Next time you may not be so lucky, especially when I'm in plain clothes. I dread violence and aggression, but even I can blow a fuse, when people piss me off on purpose, in this heat.

So, driver of the grey Mercedes Vito with licenseplate GMM930 : you officially suck.


I too would close the gap so tightly that they COULDN'T get in without damaging their own car.

That type of driver is labeled a "passhole."

Lol, I didn't know they were called "passholes", Ash! I was about to create a new exit hole for him though ;)

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