Why is tax law so difficult?

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I finally received my taxforms, so I took a quick look at all the documents required to fill them out correctly, or at least attempt to do so. It appears to me that each year things get more difficult instead of easier. This might also be due to the fact that I think I'm still missing some things, or I might have misplaced them although I don't think so.

Usually when official documents related to taxes etc comes in, I file it in the correct dossier right away, to avoid having to hunt it down when the deadline tightens. Could it be that I'm still missing a paper from my current employer in regard to what I was paid last year (document 281.10) as well as an overview of the mortgage payments for my apartment? I'll give it another week to see if they come in or not, and if I don't have them by then, I'll verify with colleagues. After all, I've got about 30 days to complete this task, and unfortunately, there is no option called "should you choose to accept this mission" in these matters.

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