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I just made a little purchase order on some DVD's I was planning on getting for quite a long time. First on the list was a gift that should have arrived a long time ago, as it has been ordered from Fnac for weeks if not months, but it just doesn't seem to come back in stock. So, Dimi, you should get your Gattaca DVD (superbit edition) after all.

Other movies ordered were Natural Born Killers, The People VS Larry Flynt and Team America - World Police. If the last one surpises you a bit, I can understand. However, I've always loved Thunderbirds and Team America is a similar puppet movie, but with even better cracks and jokes. I downloaded Team America earlier and was just watching it, but it turned out to be incomplete. I enjoyed the first 50 minutes or so, thus I decided to order it on DVD. Now, who says internet piracy is bad for business?

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That's good news, buddy! Hope we meet soon again for a nice drink & chat. Allways fun garanteed when you are in the neighbourhood, LOL



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