Sniff, snotter, ache


I'm not feeling all too well - snotty nose, headache (again one could say?) and quite tired. Not good if you gotta leave for a nightshift in 30 minutes. I don't know what it is with me these past week(s), but I just can't seem to get it under control. Maybe I should get away from everything for a while? I wonder how I should accomplish that...

What I think is going on is this : due to the new work schedule we have effectively zero recuperation time, whereas earlier on we worked a long 7 days shift and then had minimum 2 maximum 5 (in very rare cases 7!) days off. That allowed us to "step away and not think about work" for a while. Now we've got 1 day off, sometimes (although rare) three. In this "off" period we're usually switching shift which mean adapting to a new sleeping schedule.

Mark my words : if this doesn't change soon, we'll start seeing people either leave or call in ill, possibly for extend periods of time, which then of course only results in more load for those that remain.


seems like you cold some kinda virus intyo your body and you never give yourself the time to become healthy again.... that way you're into the street of troubles(sukkelstraatje)

That's indeed quite a possibility, but not yet a solution, is it?

BTW : Marianne said the same thing in a mail - maybe I should take all this good advice a bit more serious?

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