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After coming home yesterday, and blogging that last entry I crashed. While my intention was to lay down in bed and read some more in my Larry Flynt book, as soon as I set foot in my bed, I decided to sleep for two hours instead of reading. Set my alarm clock and dozed off pretty much instantly.

I was woken up by a phonecall from Joco, which was good coz I slept right through my alarm anyway. Spent a while on the phone while firing up IP for a couple of turns. After the phonecall I felt rather hungry, but sleepy as well. Went back to bed around 20h20, only to realize that the hunger was more prominent as expected. Not feeling like spending too much time in the kitchen to prepare a solid meal - I had everything in the fridge - I raided it instead and drank the rest of my vitamin drink (freshly mixed cucumber, orange, lemon, carrot and banana juice), and ate two bananas as well.

Went back to bed and slept for a few more hours, and finally woke up again around 2PM, sweating like hell. That's when I knew that the health issues (headaches, being tired all the time) of the past days were not just imaginary - I was coming down with something and it finally broke through. Instead of throwing off my blanket, I wrapped myself in it tightly and started the good old "mummify and sweat it out" approach. When I woke up this morning I was feeling much better although not yet 100%. I was hungry like a lion though, but as I got up rather late I just threw some food in my backpack and went off to work. It's quite probable that I'll do the mummy again tonight and sweat out the last of the nastiness.

Combined with more freshly made juice - I'll pick up some more fruits and veggies on the way home, if the store is open as I just realize it's May 1st and a public holiday in Belgium - that should hopefully do the trick.

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