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I managed to sleep in this morning - well till 05h45 that was, when my phone rang and I had a colleague on the line that wondered whether I was coming in to work today. Oops! Of course I was coming in for work, but it seems I slept right through my alarm, or turned it off and laid down again, resulting in arriving 45 minutes late. That in itself is not such a disaster - although far from pleasant - but that also meant my colleague had to stay longer after doing a night shift. Sorry dude, I'll try and make it up to you tomorrow by getting in earlier.

One more early shift tomorrow and them I'm off a full 2 days, on friday I start 3 graveyard shifts and by the time those are done, I should have been paid, and the month is already getting shorter. Time flies, time flies.

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I've done that lots, actually. I have had to place my alarm clock across the room so that i get out of bed to turn it off. Even then, I have twice managed to walk over, turn it off, walk back to bed and go back to sleep without remembering.

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