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As you probably know, I despise household chores such as vacuuming, doing laundry, ironing or mopping floors. I find no joy whatsoever in these tasks, or if you prefer, just call me lazy. Whatever fits.

Now, for the laundry and ironing, I could get a hot maid to do all that stuff while naked, but it turns out that I've got a quite exquisite taste so to say. Thus for the time being I'll be stuck to doing that myself.

Vacuuming on the other hand, can be handed off to these little robots : the Electrolux Trilobite, or the Roomba SE. The Trilobite being the rather expensive solution, I'm really looking at the Roomba SE and wondering if it does its job well. So, my question for you, dear reader, is this :

Do you own a Trilobite or Roomba SE, and if so, are you pleased with it?

I've read reviews, but I'd rather hear firsthand :)


I LOOOOOOOVE my Roomba-- I have 2 cats and my main concern was cat hair on the floor. (Besides all the dirt n' stuff) I ran my Roomba and then checked for cat hair with a lint-pic-up thingy on the carpet-- not one hair.

I think I'm in love.

Not to mention it's cute and perky and recharges itself. :) One thing is that it does get stuck under the low-slung couch we have, but the Virtual Wall solved that one quickly. I give my Roomba Discovery an A+.


9years ago i bought the ideal machine:

it vacuums, it cleans, it cooks, does the laundry and ironning, looks good and feels good.

The machine is called Eef, but i think i got the last one available

I kinda like vacuuming, it's a glory job. Not much effort, makes the whole room look great. Much better than cleaning the toilet. But this may help

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