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A couple of hours ago, a new security release of Mozilla Firefox has become available. This 1.0.3 version fixes the following issues :

MFSA 2005-33 Javascript "lambda" replace exposes memory contents (moderate)
MFSA 2005-34 javascript: PLUGINSPAGE code execution (high)
MFSA 2005-35 Showing blocked javascript: popup uses wrong privilege context (moderate)
MFSA 2005-36 Cross-site scripting through global scope pollution (high)
MFSA 2005-37 Code execution through javascript: favicons (criticial)
MFSA 2005-38 Search plugin cross-site scripting (moderate)
MFSA 2005-39 Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II (critical)
MFSA 2005-40 Missing Install object instance checks (moderate)
MFSA 2005-41 Privilege escalation via DOM property overrides (critical)

As proof-of-concept code becomes available much quicker these days, you can bet on it that in a matter of days, new spyware, adware and trojans will be exploiting these issues, so patching them asap has become even more essential. In other words : upgrade to Firefox 1.0.3 right now. Update 17/04/2005 : POC exploit code is already available for the "Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II" as well as the "Code execution through javascript: favicons" bugs in pré 1.0.3 versions of Firefox. More in on the F-Secure weblog.

Oh, I hope you didn't miss the Microsoft security patches that were released on thursday? (8 patches, of which 5 were rated critical, 3 important and affected the following programs : MSN Messenger, Office, Internet Explorer, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 - something for everyone!)

Has anyone seen the article in The Register, titling "Virus writers have girlfriends - official"? I tell you, one day Geeks will rule the world!

I've been busy so far : I've got a second load of laundry in the machine, the tumbledryer is drying the first load - it's too wet outside to air-dry today - and I've handwashed two neckties, they are airdrying in the bathroom. The dishwasher is ready too, and only needs to be unloaded now. Which leaves the following tasks at hand : shower, shave, unload dishwasher, tumbledry second load when done washing, fold and put away the first batch of laundry, entertain ferrets, feed ferrets, quick-clean ferret cage, have something to eat, get dressed, write some CD's.

And all of that before 16h00, because I'll be leaving for Joco's place then.

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