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Finally they managed to reach an agreement as to which conservative idiot would be an appropriate sequel to the recently deceased old fart.
At least they managed to replace an old (dead) pope with an 78 year old new pope. Things are moving in the right direction, would you say? Only 25 pontificates or so and they may have a pope under the age of 50, with hopefully some realistic visions, although that may be asking too much.

Now can we please get on with our lives without getting Pope shoved in our face all the time? Sheesh!


I wonder, with al that black and white smoke coming out of that pipe in that the Vatican: didn't anyone wonder that there might actually be a fire in the building instead of some fucking election of anonther puppet-master ???

A fire... that would have been the best outcome I suppose. Ah well, I'm off to bed and I'll certainly not dream about a new pope being elected - quite the contrary.

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