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I did my last early shift for the week, and I'm glad. We had some "important" visitors over the past two days, and of course everything that could go wrong, did. However, after reviewing the situation, my guess is that it was more due to the people involved being idiots, as it was with any of us making mistakes.

A couple of hours ago I received a call from my supervisor to enquire whether or not I was coming in for nightshift on monday, as planned. Of course I would come in I said, but then he explained that apparently our client had heard something about a national strike in the guarding and security sector, starting on monday so he called my supervisor to find out how it would impact site security. I talked to a few colleagues after I got the first call, and it seems none of us knew anything about what was going on, but I dug a bit deeper and it seems there will indeed be some union actions on monday, however for now only limited to union delegates as far as I can see.

Anyway, I find it very strange that several unions would organize a strike in order to put pressure on the negotiations that are not going well at all, and then not inform their base about it. Now we heard from someone up the foodchain, who in turn got called by our client, who read it in the news (I think). Weird things, I tell you.

Tomorrow I'm off to Joco & Eef's place for quite a fun evening I think. Joco's cooking, and I'm looking forward to every second of the evening.

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