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Bleh - I'm glad I'm home again because today was kinda bleh, but I guess you figured that one out already. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and with another 3 early shifts coming up, that not the best of starts I guess. The day itself was rather OK, suprisingly low workload, but I must say that was overcompensated by the amount of drama.

To make a long (and complicated) story short : the way it looks now, people that do their job and do it well, will be "punished" because those that fuck up and/or don't care won't be allowed to do certain things anymore. Instead they'll be limited to the "easy" jobs. Well, gimme a break but I think that would be sending the wrong message. Ah, we'll see how it all pans out in the end, won't we?

I'm thinking about taking a shower because I worked outside for 7 hours and the weather was sucky (pissing rain, yet warm and quite moist), which made me sweat way too much. Sniff, Sniff, hmmm... nice odor!

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Mmmm... Tasty! There's just something about sweaty men that makes me... wanna shower. :)

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