I should really get busy


I have some things to do today, even though I don't really feel like going out much. Here's an incomplete list :

- Request documentation for meeting on saturday : completed
- Shop for food, clothes and other crap : partially completed
- Make appointement for vets visit for fuzzies : incompleted
- File and check finances : completed
- Reply to some mails : completed
- Find laundry and drop off work clothes : incompleted
+ Probably a load of crap I don't remember

Oh, I planned on using this image for something else, but I figured there hasn't been enough chuckles on FK recently, so I'll throw it in right now : The dangers of having a teenage daughter and a webcam in the same house are not always those one expects.

Hoi Mam!
(Click to enlarge)


LOL. That's priceless!

Yeah, indeed. And they probably bought the webcam using MasterCard :)

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