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The weather outside is quite nice, so I'm gonna log off and give my terrace a quick clean, so I let the fuzzies play outside. I promised to Max that next time the sun was out shining, he could go play outside and I wanna keep up my promises to my carpetsharks. I'm sure Bono and Tisha will join him...

Lol, it took me longer to clean the terrace and get rid of some weeds that were growing between some tiles than it took the carpetsharks to come outside, walk around a few times and head back in. Apparently, today the outside world wasn't of any particular interest to them it seem. I bet that tomorrow Max will be looking for a way to go outside again though. Weird fuzzy!

I just printed out two essays dealing with the question "Why do humans need body modification and body ritual?" and I'll read both of them tonight, possibly making notes as I progress through them in order to have an easier time grading them in the end. I already noticed both essays have taken a completely different approach to the subject, which is good and fortunate even, but it'll make grading harder I fear.

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Oooh, are you helping with the scholarship award?

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