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Damn, I was just getting used to being home - after all it's been a full 2 days - and I gotta work again today. Doctor's appointement at 1PM, start working at 2PM. We go through this checkup every 6 months, I suppose I better get used to it.

Off to kick the fuzzies out of their bed - they love sleeping in a tad bit too much - and have something to eat. I think I'll have another glass of that wonderful drink I made yesterday : I got myself a blender and mixed cucumber (1), carrots (5), oranges (2), apple (3) with some icecubes and then put it all in the fridge. Healthy stuff, I tell you.

Too bad it took me about an hour to cut and slice it all up, then blend it and clean up afterwards. Either I'm not used to it yet and I'll improve over time, or I got the wrong kind of blender. It's supposed to be a fruit blender, but what's the point in that? Why shouldn't I be able to blend veggies too? Ah well... episode two somewhere this weekend I presume, when I'll try an "all fruit" blend, containing apple, oranges, banana, maybe some pear and pineapple too?

If anyone has tasty recipes for shakes or fruit/veggie drinks, please tell me!

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