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If I knew about today, yesterday, I wouldn't have said yesterday that my day was bleh. Well, maybe that sounds difficult to you, but in relation to yesterday, today was hell. A colleague that was supposed to turn up at 6 actually got in around 07h45, which gave us a fair amount of catching up to do, and even though today was saturday, it was more busy as a regular weekday.

Add to that yesterdays (unneccesary?) drama, some dumb contractors that manage to get stuck in elevators, their locations all messed up so that it requires constant intervention from our part and over a hundred totally clueless visitors for good measure and stress levels reached a boilingpoint way before expected. If the rest of my early shifts are anything alike, order me a thombstone with a RIP date somewhere in May 2005, please.

Short health update : I'm still suffering headaches and no matter how much hours I try to sleep, I can't seem to shed whatever it is that affects me.

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