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Boom goes the guard

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If I knew about today, yesterday, I wouldn't have said yesterday that my day was bleh. Well, maybe that sounds difficult to you, but in relation to yesterday, today was hell. A colleague that was supposed to turn up at 6 actually got in around 07h45, which gave us a fair amount of catching up to do, and even though today was saturday, it was more busy as a regular weekday.

Add to that yesterdays (unneccesary?) drama, some dumb contractors that manage to get stuck in elevators, their locations all messed up so that it requires constant intervention from our part and over a hundred totally clueless visitors for good measure and stress levels reached a boilingpoint way before expected. If the rest of my early shifts are anything alike, order me a thombstone with a RIP date somewhere in May 2005, please.

Short health update : I'm still suffering headaches and no matter how much hours I try to sleep, I can't seem to shed whatever it is that affects me.

Smell me

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Bleh - I'm glad I'm home again because today was kinda bleh, but I guess you figured that one out already. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and with another 3 early shifts coming up, that not the best of starts I guess. The day itself was rather OK, suprisingly low workload, but I must say that was overcompensated by the amount of drama.

To make a long (and complicated) story short : the way it looks now, people that do their job and do it well, will be "punished" because those that fuck up and/or don't care won't be allowed to do certain things anymore. Instead they'll be limited to the "easy" jobs. Well, gimme a break but I think that would be sending the wrong message. Ah, we'll see how it all pans out in the end, won't we?

I'm thinking about taking a shower because I worked outside for 7 hours and the weather was sucky (pissing rain, yet warm and quite moist), which made me sweat way too much. Sniff, Sniff, hmmm... nice odor!

White Noise


I'm gonna watch a movie called White Noise. I don't have a clue what it's about, probably some thriller/horror flick that turns out to be nothing but cheap entertainment.

I'd rather find some more information about noisemail, using white noise as a way to hide what is being broadcasted, or whether you're broadcasting at all. What I know about the technique so far has me so confused that I can't wrap my head around it. I've tried searching for it, but don't seem to find too much information about it either. In case some security/cryptography aware user reads this, and could point me in the right direction, I'd be very pleased.

*waves hi*

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I just renewed a bunch of my ccTLD .be domains that were about to expire, and spent yesterday evening playing IP where I completed level 2. I'll probably play more tomorrow as I've got a day off, and try to catch up with Joco & Raveman who've been playing a bit longer.

Nothing else is new, apart from the fact that yesterday at work I had a hard time getting back into everything, due to being off for a full 4 days and returning in a more hectic period due to revisions going on. I'm sure I'll do much better today and the next couple of months, since we expect to be into "revision mode" till december 9th or so, with a break of 1-2 weeks here and there inbetween. Fun!

Furry butts and Fuzzy heads

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I'm about to leave and wrestle through traffic to fetch the fuzzies. I'm looking forward to seeing my little carpetsharks again, but I'm not so much to the traffic. Yesterday was a total mess according to reports - luckily I didn't have to get out - and if things go pretty wrong I might not even make it back in time to leave for work.

Much to my suprise, I'm still (or again) suffering from a headache and had a pretty hard time sleeping. I that improves over the next few days though.



I'm back from a fun weekend with the family, even though I didn't feel to good and came home one day early (sunday night instead of monday afternoon). I suffered from headaches pretty much all the time and took two neurofen, something I never ever do. Those gave me temporary relief but solved nothing in the long run. I'm sorry about not being more active and social, folks, but I was really really not feeling like it.

I did enjoy the weekend though!

Now a little joke, who some might consider rude, but you know what I think about people that are easily offended ;)

A woman goes to the supermarket where she buys the following items :
1 liter milk
6 eggs
1 liter fruit juice
1 kg coffee
1 kg meat
1 box Royco soup

As she's putting all her goods on the counter, a drunk man behind her is looking on. As the cashier starts adding everything up, the drunk man very calmly says "You're a single woman".

The woman is quite suprised by this statement, but intrigued at the same time, wondering how this drunk man could know. She took a long hard look at her 6 items on the counter and didn't think any of them was so special or telling about her single status.

Being a woman, curious as they often are, she finally turned around and said to the drunk man "you're right, but how did you know?"

To which the drunk man replies : "you're ugly".


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I should already have left, but I think it's quite obvious that I haven't. Won't take too long now though, when I finish packing I'm out the door. I'll be back in a few days - in the mean time go listen to the Wolfsheim - For You mp3 on Cyborgirl's page. And drool over the new layout while you're at it.


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Officially my leave from work started today, even though I worked 6 hours already, then got home and slept for another 6. I'm now getting ready - or will be getting ready - to drop off the fuzzies, and then run some errands. Tomorrow I'm off with the family to Centerparcs for a (too short) weekend of fun. I may escape on saturday though as there is a Lifestyle event in Holland : Lifestyle Open Information Day, featuring branding, suspension, an Ego Kornus performance,...

Gotta run now and get through traffic before rushhour!

Note : wednesday night and this morning the security personnel on the national airport went on strike due to negotiations not being taken seriously. I'm anxiously waiting to see what happens next.

Urbi et Orbi


Finally they managed to reach an agreement as to which conservative idiot would be an appropriate sequel to the recently deceased old fart.
At least they managed to replace an old (dead) pope with an 78 year old new pope. Things are moving in the right direction, would you say? Only 25 pontificates or so and they may have a pope under the age of 50, with hopefully some realistic visions, although that may be asking too much.

Now can we please get on with our lives without getting Pope shoved in our face all the time? Sheesh!

Sober, fur and drugs

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Just got back from the vet for Bono's shot. He's doing very well and reacting in a superb way to the drugs - he's even got his shiny white fur coat again, just as before. Not bad for a 7 year old carpetshark if you ask me.

I'm off to bed for a couple more hours now, as I slept under 4 hours so far, and I fear that's just a bit short to make it through another night.

MT3.16 seems to have been released, I may check it out later and possibly attempt an install (if you can read this, the upgrade was successfully completed), depending on what changed and how awake I actually am. Oh, be aware that a new Sober virus variant is currently doing the rounds, so don't open suspicious attachments. Snoozes!

Counting down


I gotta stay awake at least one or two more hours, but I'm feeling a bit tired already. I watched some TV (Max Max, Beyond Thunderdome - Mind of the Married Man - Patrouille - some Pitstop.TV - short piece of The Farm) but now I've ran all out of things. Saw Alien VS Predator earlier and while it has no plot whatsoever, it was sort of enjoyable. Certainly not a movie to "keep" and watch again and again, but good mindless entertainment.

I think I may see if I can get Rise of Nations running, and then play a tutorial game or just dive in off the deep end and see where I end up. I've played tons of those games in the past, so it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Gotta call the vet for an appointement tomorrow, can't forget! Went to Joco & Eef's place yesterday, had a lovely evening, but we kinda forgot to do what we intended. Ah well, there's always next time!

I think I may finally have solved that irritating cookie problem that I was having since moving to MT3.14 and chaning some things around domainwise. I'll know for sure tomorrow after the session has certainly expired, but it looks good. (sorry, I just had to throw in some boring techy stuff)

Clearing errors in MT logs

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If you happen to run an MT3.14 install, and have MT-Blacklist 2.04b as well as MT-SpamLookUp 2.0 installed, you may have noticed some errors in your main MT activity log. The errors look like this :

Plugin error: plugins/Blacklist/Blacklist.pl Can't locate Blacklist/Plugin.pm in @INC (@INC contains: /public_html/friedkitten/cgi-bin/plugins/Blacklist/lib ./extlib ./lib /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1/i386-linux /usr/lib/perl5/5.6.1 /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.1

The error is related to MT-Blacklist, not to MT-SpamLookUp. The trick to get rid of the error is to edit the file Blacklist.pl which usually can be found in the plugins directory where you installed MT, then look in the subdirectory "Blacklist". On line 20, you'll notice the referrence :

use lib 'plugins/Blacklist/lib';

Edit that path so it becomes an absolute path, looking like :

use lib 'home/username/public_html/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/Blacklist/lib';

Of course, you'll have to change the path used in the example above to reflect your own setup. If you've got questions, don't ask me :) Instead check in the MT-Blacklist forums.

A couple of hours ago, a new security release of Mozilla Firefox has become available. This 1.0.3 version fixes the following issues :

MFSA 2005-33 Javascript "lambda" replace exposes memory contents (moderate)
MFSA 2005-34 javascript: PLUGINSPAGE code execution (high)
MFSA 2005-35 Showing blocked javascript: popup uses wrong privilege context (moderate)
MFSA 2005-36 Cross-site scripting through global scope pollution (high)
MFSA 2005-37 Code execution through javascript: favicons (criticial)
MFSA 2005-38 Search plugin cross-site scripting (moderate)
MFSA 2005-39 Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II (critical)
MFSA 2005-40 Missing Install object instance checks (moderate)
MFSA 2005-41 Privilege escalation via DOM property overrides (critical)

As proof-of-concept code becomes available much quicker these days, you can bet on it that in a matter of days, new spyware, adware and trojans will be exploiting these issues, so patching them asap has become even more essential. In other words : upgrade to Firefox 1.0.3 right now. Update 17/04/2005 : POC exploit code is already available for the "Arbitrary code execution from Firefox sidebar panel II" as well as the "Code execution through javascript: favicons" bugs in pré 1.0.3 versions of Firefox. More in on the F-Secure weblog.

Oh, I hope you didn't miss the Microsoft security patches that were released on thursday? (8 patches, of which 5 were rated critical, 3 important and affected the following programs : MSN Messenger, Office, Internet Explorer, Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 - something for everyone!)

Has anyone seen the article in The Register, titling "Virus writers have girlfriends - official"? I tell you, one day Geeks will rule the world!

I've been busy so far : I've got a second load of laundry in the machine, the tumbledryer is drying the first load - it's too wet outside to air-dry today - and I've handwashed two neckties, they are airdrying in the bathroom. The dishwasher is ready too, and only needs to be unloaded now. Which leaves the following tasks at hand : shower, shave, unload dishwasher, tumbledry second load when done washing, fold and put away the first batch of laundry, entertain ferrets, feed ferrets, quick-clean ferret cage, have something to eat, get dressed, write some CD's.

And all of that before 16h00, because I'll be leaving for Joco's place then.

So far, so good

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I did my last early shift for the week, and I'm glad. We had some "important" visitors over the past two days, and of course everything that could go wrong, did. However, after reviewing the situation, my guess is that it was more due to the people involved being idiots, as it was with any of us making mistakes.

A couple of hours ago I received a call from my supervisor to enquire whether or not I was coming in for nightshift on monday, as planned. Of course I would come in I said, but then he explained that apparently our client had heard something about a national strike in the guarding and security sector, starting on monday so he called my supervisor to find out how it would impact site security. I talked to a few colleagues after I got the first call, and it seems none of us knew anything about what was going on, but I dug a bit deeper and it seems there will indeed be some union actions on monday, however for now only limited to union delegates as far as I can see.

Anyway, I find it very strange that several unions would organize a strike in order to put pressure on the negotiations that are not going well at all, and then not inform their base about it. Now we heard from someone up the foodchain, who in turn got called by our client, who read it in the news (I think). Weird things, I tell you.

Tomorrow I'm off to Joco & Eef's place for quite a fun evening I think. Joco's cooking, and I'm looking forward to every second of the evening.

Spreading the word

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Jerome forwarded me this press release, so I figured the best way to share it with everyone, would be to post it right here for the world to see. If you like photography with a twist, make sure to check out his new works of art.

new chapter9photography.com portfolio is now online!
Jerome Abramovitch proudly announces the launch of his new portfolio

At a glance, Jerome could easily be imagined as a slightly perverse freak blending effortlessly into the deviant subcultures he documents... Or is he a chameleon of the highest order able to slip in and observe without being noticed? But he is noticed; he’s the naked guy on the bike in winter, the man with the inflatable forehead, the guy who cut his own finger off, the guy with all the scars. He’s also the well dressed artist at his openings, the well spoken TV guest challenging listeners to know themselves, the talented web designer. His work and his own image are well recognized in Europe, Japan, not to mention the Americas... at least in the right circles. Jerome Abramovitch moves seamlessly between object, subject, voyeur, and documenter.

Jerome has photographed many of the world's most extreme individuals, has documented the radical body modification community and sexual underground from the inside out, and worked closely with some of the biggest names in freakdom ever to spend five minutes being exploited by obscure cable TV stations.

Jerome Abramovitch - Mannequin SeriesJerome Abramovitch - Self-PortraitsJerome Abramovitch - Bathtub Series

All material is property and copyrighted © 1996-2005 Jerome Abramovitch, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved. Non-authorized use and copying is strictly prohibited.

Gotta fix breakfast now

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Ouch. Slept under 5 hours after working 10 hours yesterday, and looking forward to 8 hours today. Even skipped dinner last night after I feel asleep in the bathtub. Add yesterday's traffic jam (+1.5 hour) to it and I'm starting to wonder if I'll even make it through the week. Yesterday was busy at work, in fact so busy it almost was impossible to keep up.

On a regular busy day (usually friday) we have about 10 or so weightings (on trucks coming in and going out) a day. Yesterday I hit 23 around 14h00, when a colleague took over. When I left at 16h30, we were up to 37 or so... I was glad when the day ended, believe me!

Mornings = bad

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Today, I remember why I don't like early shifts : you have to get up too damn early, and even if you happen to catch enough sleep, one feels tired. Only 3 more days of the same torture to go.

Fuzzies outside

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The weather outside is quite nice, so I'm gonna log off and give my terrace a quick clean, so I let the fuzzies play outside. I promised to Max that next time the sun was out shining, he could go play outside and I wanna keep up my promises to my carpetsharks. I'm sure Bono and Tisha will join him...

Lol, it took me longer to clean the terrace and get rid of some weeds that were growing between some tiles than it took the carpetsharks to come outside, walk around a few times and head back in. Apparently, today the outside world wasn't of any particular interest to them it seem. I bet that tomorrow Max will be looking for a way to go outside again though. Weird fuzzy!

I just printed out two essays dealing with the question "Why do humans need body modification and body ritual?" and I'll read both of them tonight, possibly making notes as I progress through them in order to have an easier time grading them in the end. I already noticed both essays have taken a completely different approach to the subject, which is good and fortunate even, but it'll make grading harder I fear.

Weekend wrap

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I think I spent the two days off from work in an enjoyable way. First on saturday, I went to that Ecopower meeting, where some interesting points were brought up (especially near the end, the start was the all to common and boring legal crap), although I must closely monitor what direction the company heads off in. I invest in and use green energy because I believe in it, but also because it offers a nice profit. That profit is an essential part of the equation for me, as I always intend to do things that both benefit me, as well as others.

At one point during the meeting, the board of directors brought up the idea to research (and thus possibly start I suppose) a Social Energy Office, which would allow people that currently have no means to buy (cheap) green energy to participate in the project and the idea. I'm all in favor of some socialism, and I'm prepared to carry a fraction of the cost of it all, but I wonder why a new player on the market, with in more ways than one a possibly troublesome future with quite some insecurities would attempt to tap into a very difficult market which basically offers no benefits to the company, just additional risks.

Mind you, I know I'm talking as a shareholder here - remember my posts about The Corporation? - and not as a sympathetic human being. Anyway, as the proposal was explained, they asked for feedback and I gave it. Maybe it all came over a bit harsher and rude as I intended it to, but this is more or less what I said :

"We, as a company, have an obligation to produce and sell green energy to our cooperating members/shareholders. I have no problem in itself with a linear price, even if the costs are not equal all over the territory where we operate, but I do have a problem with including a difficult market with known problems when we - at this point - can't even deliver green power to all those that are already cooperating, or waiting to become cooperant. We are not the Salvation Army".

Oh, the shock that went through the auditorium. I would say that it was filled with hippies, but it wasn't, although some were present, and no response came from the board of directors either. They just stood there and looked. Then went to the next person to ask for feedback. All other feedback of course opposed my outburst and was in favor of researching the idea. I think I'll sit and wait to see what happens over the coming year.

If this "research project" is evolving into something I cannot support, I might step out completely, or seriously diminish my investment. If it doesn't affect the bottomline, things may remain the same.

After the meeting, I called Eva (mpatshi) and we hung out on the Korenmarkt in Ghent. Had a spaghetti in "De Kastart", which was pretty yummy indeed and had lots of fun. Later on a drink in "Zatte Beurs" (not sure though) and around 20h30 or so I left for Mechelen to go to Peter & Veronique's wedding party. That was fun too, small venue but exactly the right amount of people to make it enjoyable. Had some drinks, goofed around and talked with all the friends. Fun times.

Left around 3 or so, went back to Antwerp, had a Pita and then went to bed for a short sleep. Slept around 5 hours or so and forced myself out of bed, otherwise I'll never make the early shift tomorrow (and the rest of the week for that matter). Off to Joco's place next week to chat.

My mind says explore, but my heart says LWW.

Out of here...

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Right, I have to get off of this chair now and start doing things. My plans for the day include shopping for food, fruit/veggies - I got the following : pears (1kg), kiwi (5), banana (6), Galia mellon (2), and cucumber (2)- run some errands (fill up the car, check finances/pay bills, get/print directions, ...)

Then I'm off to the annual meeting of Ecopower in Ghent, and afterwards I'll hopefully be meeting this lovely girl : mpatshi.

Then tonight I'll be off to the wedding party of Peter & Veronique, where I'll also meet Joco & Eef, Jess & Marc, Johnny and some other people I presume. It should be good. Tomorrow I've got the day off too, so I can catch up on some work that needs to be done, and monday I start early shifts again.

Off to shower and shave now.

The mailman had been doing a good job the past couple of days. First he dropped off a gift that I ordered and will be needing in about 2 weeks time and then today he rang my bell again because he had another package that wouldn't fit in my mailbox. This time it was the preordered and long awaited Catch The Men Live DVD by Front 242! Yay!

It was recorded at the Lokerse Feesten performance they did in August 2004, a show that I - of course - attended. Listening to all the tracks (check the tracklisting at the end of this post) and seeing the live show again just wants me to right back out there and bounce around with the other fans!

Catch The Men Live DVD Tracklist :

01 Happiness
02 Body to Body
03 Religion
04 Together
05 Im Rhythmus Bleiben
06 Crapage
07 Animal
08 First In First Out
09 Moldavia
10 Melt
11 Headhunter
12 Welcome to Paradise
13 Punish Your Machine*

* and that's exactly what we all do at those shows - exhausting and you feel as if you've been ran over by a truck the day after, but it's soooo rewarding and lots of fun.

Cut, slice and dice

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Damn, I was just getting used to being home - after all it's been a full 2 days - and I gotta work again today. Doctor's appointement at 1PM, start working at 2PM. We go through this checkup every 6 months, I suppose I better get used to it.

Off to kick the fuzzies out of their bed - they love sleeping in a tad bit too much - and have something to eat. I think I'll have another glass of that wonderful drink I made yesterday : I got myself a blender and mixed cucumber (1), carrots (5), oranges (2), apple (3) with some icecubes and then put it all in the fridge. Healthy stuff, I tell you.

Too bad it took me about an hour to cut and slice it all up, then blend it and clean up afterwards. Either I'm not used to it yet and I'll improve over time, or I got the wrong kind of blender. It's supposed to be a fruit blender, but what's the point in that? Why shouldn't I be able to blend veggies too? Ah well... episode two somewhere this weekend I presume, when I'll try an "all fruit" blend, containing apple, oranges, banana, maybe some pear and pineapple too?

If anyone has tasty recipes for shakes or fruit/veggie drinks, please tell me!

Dr. Phil Test

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I just received the Dr. Phil test from LWW and I took the 2 minutes it takes to complete it. I scored 39, which means that according to Dr. Phil this description should fit me.

Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.

Well, does it?

If you want to take this little (fun) test yourself, grab it here : Dr. Phil Test. Feel free to leave your score in the comment.

Small changes

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I just changed some things around on the admin side of this blog, most of them (possibly) affecting comment posting. I'll be monitoring the logfiles and hopefully catch problems with the new settings before they arise.

Changes : Updated MT-KeyStrokes and installed MT-Proxyplug. MT-Proxyplug is also installed on one of my other blogs (running MT2.661) to see if it works for that (slightly older) version as well. If it does, it'll be implemented on all blogs maintained or serviced by me.

Off to finish my to-do list now :)

I rock, so don't fuck with me

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I still haven't accomplished anything of todays to-do list up to this point, but I'll go out shopping for food in a few minutes. First I want to gripe a bit about alternative telecom providers - not so much about their rates or existence, but rather about their fucked up marketing efforts.

Today, I was called on my landline twice. Once by Tele2, and once by CityCall Belgium. I told both of them to piss off, although I suspect they'll call back in a matter of weeks. I've had it with them - and others - calling me to push their products in my face (or ear in this case). If I'm interested in your stuff, I'll get in touch with you, not the other way round.

I just mailed CityCall and requested a complete removal from their marketing, mailing, prospect or whatever other lists they have. I tried doing the same with Tele2, but of course they don't list an e-mail address, only an online webform powered by some (shady) company based in Luxembourg. Nevertheless, I mailed to an address I hope exists and am now waiting for a reply. I doubt I'd get one from either of these companies but if push comes to shove, they'll know soon enough who they're dealing with. I don't like being harassed, nor do I like being forced to react in ways more difficult as needed.

CityCall and Tele2 : you've been warned. And this extends to all other directmarketing companies as well.

Note : Yes, I'm aware of something called The Robinson List, although I find it a bit too drastic a measure because some companies fuck up. I did however just submitted my personalia and phonenumber to the Robinson Phonelist in order to have some piece and quiet in my personal time again.

Oh, and here's some - thanks to Broomhilda for the link - disturbing but funny Lemming Gymnastics (Click the Live and Let Die II link).

Update 2005-04-07 : CityCall Belgium conveniently returned a "message displayed return receipt" and I even got a confirmation of Tele2 that my request would be forwarded to the correct department. I'm curious :)

Sin City - The Movie

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I'm currently 25 minutes into Sin City and even though it's a bit of a weird movie, I like it a lot.

Think comix (X-men, Batman, Superman,...) applied to human characters and you get a strange but enjoyable mix. Hope the next 90 minutes are equally good!

I should really get busy


I have some things to do today, even though I don't really feel like going out much. Here's an incomplete list :

- Request documentation for meeting on saturday : completed
- Shop for food, clothes and other crap : partially completed
- Make appointement for vets visit for fuzzies : incompleted
- File and check finances : completed
- Reply to some mails : completed
- Find laundry and drop off work clothes : incompleted
+ Probably a load of crap I don't remember

Oh, I planned on using this image for something else, but I figured there hasn't been enough chuckles on FK recently, so I'll throw it in right now : The dangers of having a teenage daughter and a webcam in the same house are not always those one expects.

Hoi Mam!
(Click to enlarge)

What's in your address bar?

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I've been reading more in Joel Balkan's The Corporation - The pathological pursuit of profit and power, and even though I think we all "know" what a corporation consists of, and what its prime goal is, we don't (want to) realize it. If someone was to ask you "what is a corporation?" or "what is a company", what would you answer? Think about it, and write down the first three characteristics that pop into your mind.

Now read this : a corporation's sole goal is to make profit, no matter what. It has no "human characteristics", it doesn't know sympathy or social conciousness. It sees resources and will do whatever it takes to turn those resources into profits for itself. In order to do this as efficiently as possible, it externalizes whatever costs it can and offloads those on society. Did any of the above sentences even come close to what you wrote down?

Sure, one can argue that corporations provide income to those it employs, but do you really think that it would pay if they found a way to use your labor with even less cost to them? After all, they don't employ you out charity, but because your labor allows them to make a profit. In fact, the only people a corporation - I'm talking about the legal entity here, not "management" - has to answer to, is their shareholders. Only those can halt the legal entity and make it change course.

Do you think public outcry changes something? It doesn't. Even if a corporation is caught with its hand in the cookie jar, nothing changes. Worst case scenario, they pay a fine and continue doing what they've been doing all along : making profit and externalizing costs. That fine or conviction is nothing but a bump on the way to their goal, and if played well, even allows them to market their "efforts" in such a way that the market attributes human characteristics to their legal entity.

Is there a solution, a way to stop corporations doing exactly what they were designed to accomplish? I'll write more as I progress in this book and I can wrap my brain around some things I must have "known" all my life, but never realized.

Sorry for those of you that just wrestled through this boring post at this early time of day. Probably not what you'd consider light reading on a monday morning, lol. After I put in my 8 hours of work last night, I took our mandatory safety test consisting of 20 random questions related to safety, environment, safety behaviour etc. I aced it with a perfect 20/20 score. Not to bad after working 8 hours and then taking a test around 6AM on a monday morning. I rock, and roll...

Enjoy the night, Peter!

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If I recall correctly, tonight most of my friends will be throwing Peter a stag night, as he's getting married next week. I would have loved to be there, alas I'm working (as always one could say). I could have taken the day off, but I've already taken off two days next weekend to be able to make it to the wedding itself, and then one week later I'm off with family for a weekend.

That's the thing that sucks most, to be honest. If I want to do things with friends and family, I have to take days off, or they have to schedule their plans in such a way that they coincide with my work schedule. Ah well, I guess it goes with the job. Anyway, I have to admit that it doesn't bother me that much, only if I miss several things in a row, just because I work weekends and shifts. On the other hand, let's take public holidays as an example : I'd rather work those instead of being home. All shops are closed, there is little to nothing one can do and I consider them a waste of time. Thus I requested to work as much public holidays in May as possible - colleagues with a family might want to take those days off anyway - and unofficially I got word that I'll be able to work two out of three. Not bad if you ask me.

Sorry peeps

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No April Fool's Day joke on this blog this year. I've been way too busy to even think about it, let alone create something that could be seen as funny. Maybe next year, who knows? In the mean time, I suggest trying to find the jokes on some other sites and in newspapers.

In a few hours I'm off for a nightshift, so I should get off my ass and go get some food. I know this is far from a "real" update, but it's the best I can do right now.

Oh, in case you like (absurd) British humor (think The Young Ones, Bottom,...) I think you may also enjoy Nighty Night, aired on Canvas on tuesdays (till April 26th). Nighty Night is less absurd as The Young Ones, but equally sharp as a knife when compared to the humor in Bottom. Check out the BBC pages for more info : Nighty Night on BBC.

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