Engineer wanted - preferably dead


Dear mister Engineer,

I certainly hope to never ever run into you anytime soon, for you will be severly punished, beaten, tortured and mutilated. Why you might wonder? Because in your infinite wisdom you decided for it to be a great idea to reduce the Antwerp ringway from 5 lanes to are miserable two, which consequently lead to me wasting two hours and fortyfive minutes to get home. A drive of about 25 miles that usually takes me 30 to 35 minutes, max.

Would you like me to bill you for two hours and ten minutes? I guess you just enjoy seeing cars get stuck in massive traffic jams, don't you? Well, one thing could plead for you though : you sheduled the maintenance outside peak hours when it comes to traffic. I'm glad to be home at 00:45 (yes that's AM for you non-24h folks) instead of 22h35 PM, and finally being able to eat something. My deepfrosted pizza is in the oven right now, and as soon as I muched it down, I'll head off to bed. After all, I have to work again tomorrow - wait, today I mean - at 14h00 and no one knows what you'll have up your sleeve for us today, right?!

Please rename BAM to a more appropriate name. May I suggest AMM?


I say hang him by the balls at the heighest light-pole we can find at 'de ring' so he can enjoy his decisions. A 10 minute drive to work now takes me 40 minutes (at 05:00 hours that is !!!!!). And the works haven't even started, happy happy joy joy

I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking the same. I'm so looking forward to March 21st, when they start "for real" and for 6 months :(

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