More coincidences?

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I just read this article on SecurityFocus and they grabbed it from AP :

The FBI said Friday it shut down an e-mail system that it uses to communicate with the public because of a security breach. The bureau is investigating whether someone hacked into the e-mail system that hosts some accounts that end with The e-mail service is provided by a private company, the FBI said in a statement. "These accounts are used for non-sensitive, nonsecure communications and do not impact secure internal and external FBI e-mail accounts," the statement said. The FBI's computer system that is used for case files, classified and sensitive information is unaffected, the statement said. The e-mail problem has no apparent connection to other FBI computer problems, including a $170 million Virtual Case File project that FBI Director Robert Mueller acknowledged Thursday might have to be scrapped because it is outdated and inadequate. (source : The Associated Press Feb 4 2005 1:13PM)

If wonder how much my Special Agent Philip Snow experience is related to it? Those mails appeared to come from the domain after all - it's not too hard to forge though - and I filed a complaint with the Feds on January 27th. They close down a public mail system on February 4th, about a week later. It does make sense, you know?

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