I made lots of new friends


Just by leaving 1 comment on a blog. I agree it was a slightly "evil" comment, but it was partially in jest and partially because I was irritated with the "shiny happy people mood" around the world that day. However, I don't feel like I attacked anyone personally, what can hardly be said about the owner and some of their friends replies.

(from karma, the blog owner) 'ServMe': who is interested in getting anything from you? - you are definitely more pathetic than me - or else why would you be a lowly security guard while I am a senior executive? Leave your shit in your own doorway, asshole (or in it).

Well, dear Karma : I actually chose to be working as a security guard, after a career in IT. It seems you, as a "senior executive", should know better as to judge people by their job, but appartently that quality is absent from your book. Namecalling never helped anyone, and only looks bad on those participating in it.

I deal with higher and top management on a nearly daily base, and I agree that there are assholes amongst them, but most don't look down on people working for them and those that assure they can perform their management job without worrying about other things.

While you may find your job as a "senior executive" more important than mine as a "lowly security guard", I can assure you both are needed and neither of them are possible without the other. Do you also look down on mailmen, garbage collectors or the people filling bags in the supermarket? None of those jobs might be desirable or high profile, but they get done and need to be done. "Fire them all" I'd say but please, be prepared to collect your own garbage, stuff your own bags and let's not even think about reading, writing and sending out letters.


Being annoyed at all the shiny happy people is really not a good enough reason to become a party-pooper at a party where you do not even know the hostess.

If you think me and my friends over-reacted to your comment - please realize that was exactly what it was - a 'reaction'. In other words, if there was no 'action' (from your side), there would be no fallout.

Leaving comments on other people's blogs is a 'moral' responsibility - don't you think one should always take their feelings into account?

As for me, I am willing to sweep all this under the carpet. I harbour no hard feelings towards you.

Oh PRETTY PLEASE direct me to this blog!!! I simply must see for myself the havok you have wreaked! :D

By the way, round trip Detroit to Brussels is only $329 right now! Hot Damn!

Just clickety click on the name of Karma in the comment above, Ash.

Wow Servme, you definitely started a whole new discussion there!!
But I just want to add one small remark to your comment on Karma's blog.
In the US (and many other countries as well) Valentine's day is not just for "lovers", but for the people you love and who love you, in other words... all your friends and family.
I've also received a valentine's card from one of my American friends and it goes to say: it's nice to be reminded that you have good friends who love you... and with that, you don't even NEED a boy- or girlfriend anymore :-D So why complain?

Anyway, enough on the subject... carnival party coming up this weekend!!!! yaaaaayyy

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