How could I forget?

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It's "love everyone around you and spend lots of cash or you won't be the true lover" day again. Go forth and replicate, multiplicate, procrastinate or whatever you feel like, just don't irritate me with your fuzzy feelings.

Yes, I know I'm not rational or objective about it. Yes, I know I'm probably just frustrated and jealous. So, what's your point?

update : I'm usually a shiny happy people person, but today I don't feel like it. My ISP seems to be having mailserver problems (again) so even the constant stream of spam has been diminished to just a drop. When I opened the snailmail box, there were three letters and a bunch of advertising in it, and two of those letters ain't even for me. Why the mailman always picks out my mailbox to drop off everything he doesn't know where to deliver remains a question though. It also makes me wonder where *my* mail ends up on a bad day...

Letter number 3 was for me, and once again contained proof that my employer seems unable to add 1 and 1 and get 2 as a result. In short : they fucked up the hours I worked again. I'm getting used to it though, but I must say that they got my hours of December 2004 correct, and it only took 1 recalculation. Joy Joy.

Off to grab something to eat and then off to work. Be back in a couple of hours.

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aww sweetie! i didn't mean YOU with my vent against people who vent! *kisses*

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