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I just received the new Electrabel Energiek magazine in my snail mail box, and after reading their "Electrabel Green" section online, I must admit they've outdone themselves. The amount of advertising, marketing and pressure they are currently throwing at it is quite impressive, but that is just about it. I think they jump on the ecological bandwagon because it sells, period.

They present themselves as the biggest supplier of green energy in Belgium, yet in 2004 Electrabel Green Products Flanders (EGPF) sold 4 of their waterpowered powerstations, because "these small scale waterpower stations don't fit our production" to Ecopower. I don't have current production figures for these stations, but the waterpower station of Rotselaar alone produces close to 500.000 kWh/year, good to cover the energy need of about a 150 families.

I can accept that it may economically be not too interesting to keep those stations running, but then please don't shout that you're doing whatever one can do, for the good of the environment. I welcome everything that takes off pressure and gives the environment a break, even the smallest break, yet I do have quite some distrust when it comes to their "Green Power" marketing campaign. Especially because it'll lead to people thinking that Electrabel is the only/best/biggest producer of green energy in Belgium, while there are lots of alternative small scale solutions, often better suited to ones needs and much more responsible when it comes to green energy production.

Ah well... capitalism and marketing at it's best I suppose. Which reminds me : is anyone going to Batibouw this year? Maybe we can hook up and all go together?

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