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While I was having a nice and warm bath, I was called twice. I refused to let those calls interrupt my bathing, so when I finally got out of the bath, I dialled 1919 to know what number tried to get in touch with me. Sure enough, it was Joco & Eef's number, so I called them back.

Sheer coincidence - what else can you call it - made me interrupt them as well, while they were erm... doing a little number of their own (Going at it like rabbits? Doing it doggystyle? 69 anyone? Who cares? I interrupted.), but that I couldn't know. Well, if I had turned on the webcams maybe I could, but I didn't*.

Joco's PC somehow got a little infected while Eef was browsing images on the web last night, and he couldn't remove one of the files because the system didn't allow him access. My first idea was that the virus was planted on the system using a GDI+ exploit that I wrote about months ago, although I'm not sure. It's hard to diagnose virusinfections over the phone. I told him to get back to work on his lovely lady and that I would send him a mail explaining how to please her turn off system protection and get rid of the infected file.

* I'm kidding about the webcams, really. Webcams are so last years' news. Streaming high quality video is the thing you're looking for, if you're not invited to the party. DSL or a Cable connection with some clever setup will usually deliver nice and crispy images for your viewing and other pleasures.

No, serious. They don't have webcams in their bedroom. I think. Even if they did, that's their business, not yours or mine. Really. Think about it.

Note : Everything that was written down in this post is the truth, but some parts may be slightly exaggerated, mystified or added for effect. It's all in jest, I tell you! Enjoy this FK entry.

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my friend,

you forgot to tell everybody it was the second time in 2 days you disrupted us while having s*x.....

i think you have better chances winning lotto!

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