Democracy? My Ass!


As you might have noticed, the president of the United States will be visiting Belgium starting tomorrow, for three days. He's scheduled to leave on wednesday, after having met with various "important people" (my choice of words, not his).

At least three different protests are planned to show him that his politics don't fly here, and that most people would like to see him take a less egocentric path, and take into consideration that there is more to this world than just the USA and it's policies.

According to a recent article in GVA - one of the major newspapers in Belgium - at least 2500 policemen will be dispatched to keep the thousands of protesters away from Bush and NATO as wells as EU headquarters. I think the way politicians and governements handle protests says a lot about their democratic values, doesn't it?

Shelter those who can make a difference on the highest level from every kind of protest and different opinions, and you're doing well... or so it seems. To me it seems those are the tactics of chickens, running. If you are certain about your policies and open to criticism, one doesn't run nor does one keep protesters confined to guarded areas far away from the actual summits. Sooner or later some people will decide they've had it with all those limitations and sneak through, break through or take up different forms of protest, possibly less peaceful. Remember the saying : back a dog into a corner and he'll bite. Democracy is nothing different and as soon as a critical mass is reached, changes cannot be stopped anymore. In the best case one can try to guide them, gently.

I'm working on sunday, monday and tuesday, but I might head off to Brussels on tuesday afternoon, depending on what info I can find in regard to protests going on.

Links : - - Greenpeace Belgium


yeah... you are right about that... 2500 belgian policemen and 800 american safety staff extra (total of 3300 or more)...
No traffic at all will be allowed in big parts of brussels for the next three days....
But look at it from the other side: if bush is killed in our country (witch would defenately happen if he didn't have thousends safety agents) the usa would probably add belgium to their "axis of evil" and kill us all.....

i guess this weekend is the best time ever to pull some robbery's or something... every cop in belgium is looking out for that dumb moron

Thanks for the compliment, Colette. It's great to hear some people enjoy my often disjointed posts :)

Joris : Oh, we ain't on the Axis of Evil list yet? I thought they had already put every country that signed the Kyoto protocol on that list ;)

Yeah, robbing a bank or something would be a good idea. Just have to hope they still have cash laying around, with a lot of money transports being cancelled these days.

Hey - I stumbled on your site googling the breakdancing video (googled: breakdancing) and started thumbing through the rest of your site... Just wanted to say that here in the US, we never get to hear about the protest part of any of bush's little travels. Granted that I don't check the news much, but the media always keeps that protest stuff hush hush. The protest I went to was quoted to have "thousands of people" - but it was much more in the hundreds of thousands... Sigh, that guy will ruin us (and by us, I mean the US - though a nuclear war won't be good for anyone). Take care over there - your word has reached a random guy in California ;-)

Thanks for reading more on my blog, after finding the scott wills breakdance video. There have been thousands of new visitors, but only a few have left feedback or read more than just what they were searching for.

I'm glad you found a way to hear a different voice in the USA, as I know the media is quite censored even though no one wants to admit it.

I'm quite convinced that if more people manage to look beyond the borders of their own country, not everything is lost yet although it'll take time and lots of efforts to change things around again.

You must be the coolest random guy in California :)

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