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I was about to write all kinds of things, yet I don't recall any of them right now. I got a call from Joco, and was so focussed on what he had to say, that anything else really didn't matter anymore. I think it's something he'll have to learn too : you matter, nothing else matters as much. Yes, that sounds harsh and even a bit strange, but look at it like this : If you're doing fine and feeling good, you can have a positive impact on the lives of those you love. If you put other things on top, you'll personally suffer from it (in either the long or short term) and thus will be unable to give what you deem important to those you love.

It sounds like a catch 22, but it really is not. Don't think about it though, it'll only confuse you and stress is the last thing you need right now. It'll come to you one day, and then you know.

Worked a bit on the blog of lilfunky1, but it was mostly behind the screens, so there is little to show off. She'll need to upgrade it herself :p

Lots of people were looking for "No More Bush Girls Video" according to my search engine referrals, and the video I posted was funny, but not by the NoMoreBushGirls. By the way, those babes had a site at NoMoreBushGirls.com, but it seems to be gone and was replaced by some advertising/link farm. That's why I don't link to it, see? Search google for the term in quotes above, and you'll probably find what you were looking for.

Ah... Dimi asked about Mr. Snow. Well, let's just say that after I got back to him, he became quite silent. In other words : it must have been a scam after all and the fact that I informed him about the complaint I filed probably scared him away for once and for all. I guess that's the end of the story so far, but if something happens, I'll post about it for sure Dimi!

To finish this long-assed post that had a bit of everything and lots of nothing, here's another video : Will you ask for directions, please?! (Apple Quicktime format, under 2MB)

Oh, and listen to the hot accent the lady got... wonderful!


thx m8

didnt went to work today.. coulnd't sleep at all
this night, i'm more confused/lost as i was before, dont know why, dont know how...

and i *did* upgrade it myself! i think i did a fine job of it as well. heh. thank you sweetie.

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