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Ain't it spectacular how I manage to be home today, yet accomplish nothing. Well, I did do things today, but I think most of you won't consider finishing the GLA missions in Zero Hour a huge accomplishment. I also checked some work related paperwork and statements, and spent most of my time online, wasting it at various sites.

Right now I'm trying to set up a way to get my hands on (a subscription to) Burst Tattoo magazine. Their site is available in Japanese only, and that happens to be a language I don't master. However - thanks to various international contacts - I might have someone living in Japan buying and shipping it to me every two months. Now we just need to find a secure and verifiable way to transfer the necessary funds, without neither of us being screwed.

I was also looking at some very interesting books online, but the shipping charges are totally outrageous it seems. I had made a nice selection of 3 books, but when I was quoted a shipping charge of $125 (airmail) I quickly decided that even with a good exchange rate it was way out of line. Unfortunately, most of these books are not regulary available online :(

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